Loss Processes in Perovskite Solar Cells

Emitted photons were precisely recorded and analyzed using a hyperspectral CCD camera

New Metamaterial for Solar Cells

Dielectric metamaterials do not heat under exposure to electromagnetic radiation

New Solar Technology for the Energy Transition

Innovative materials for possible use as high-efficiency photovoltaic cells

27.3 %: World Record for Perovskite Solar Cells

Three teams present outstanding developments at World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion

Silicon-Perovskite-Tandem-Cell With Record Efficiency

With a perovskite cell on top of a standard silicon-based cell an efficiency of 25.2% is obtained

Converting One-Third of the Sunlight Into Electricity

A new silicon-based multi-junction solar cell reaches 33% photoconversion efficiency in two-terminal configuration

The Flexo-Photovoltaic Effect

New research could literally squeeze more power out of solar cells

Visually Appealing Solar Modules as Architectural Elements

VTT, Metropolia University and industry partners investigate visually attractive cells into architecture of building façades

Improving Kesterite Solar Cells

Germanium promises better optoelectronic properties than tin

Solar Cells With Lead-Free Perovskites

High‐quality double perovskite films show long electron–hole diffusion lengths greater than 100 nm