Mimicking the Structural Color of Insects

Photonic crystals and plasmonic structures made of a cellulose derivative

High Impact of Ultrafast Physics

The use of light to direct electron flows may lead to a new era of optoelectronics

PICs With Lower Bend Loss

New method in writing of three-dimensional optical waveguides with femtosecond laser pulses

BRIDG Expands Leadership Team

Dr. John J. Callahan becomes vice president of technology and Brett Attaway director of business development

New Camera Inspired by Butterfly Eyes

Compact and affordable system helps surgeons see cancer cells

Solar Cells With Lead-Free Perovskites

High‐quality double perovskite films show long electron–hole diffusion lengths greater than 100 nm

Nanoparticles for Holographic Data Storage

Holograms with high stability even under the destructive UV-irradiation

Opto-Thermoelectric Nanotweezers

New tool to manipulate metal nanoparticles of a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes

Atomically Thin Light-Emitting Device

Transparent semiconductor monolayers for ’invisible’ displays or light-emitting tattoos

Photonic Biosensors for Faster Diagnostics

New device to extract the electrostatic force between orbiting nanoparticles and the surface of a glass bead