Preview: Spectaris Forum “Photonik 4.0”

19 November 2019, Berlin, Germany

A Great Week in Rochester

Review: SPIE Optifab, 14 – 17 October 2019

Preview: EPIC Meeting on Wafer-Level Optics

7 – 8 November, Neuchatel, Switzerland

New Climate-Research Center Launched by OSA, AGU, Strathclyde University

Global Environmental Measurement and Monitoring Network (GEMM) Initiative

John D’Ambrosia Joins EPIC as Advisor

Support for EPIC’s mission to foster the vibrant photonics ecosystem, liaison to Ethernet community

Single-Mode Specification for Datacenter Applications

MSA consortium extends membership to nine new contributing members

EPIC and VRARA Partner to Advance VR/AR Industry

Memorandum of understanding signed at EPIC World Photonics Technology Summit 2019

Mass Market Applications for Li-Fi

New EU consortium ELIoT to propel Internet traveling over light

Preview: EPIC World Photonics Technology Summit

29 – 30 August, Berlin, Germany

EPIC Welcomes New Members to its Board of Directors

Christian Bosshard and Samuel Bucourt take over from Kurt Weingarten and Bruno Mourey