Optik & Photonik 4/2018 November

Focus topic of the November issue is a focus on “Machine Vision”, cover topics are “Biophotonics: LED Illumination – A Hazard to the Eye?” and “Laser Cutting: Integrated Pierce Detection in Fiber Lasers”.

Optik & Photonik 3/2018 June

Special issue Best of Applications, cover stories: Light Sources – Made Easy: Widely Tunable CW Lasers, and Machine Vision – Let There Be Structured Light

Optik & Photonik 2/2018 April

Focus topic: Optical Components; cover stories: Microscopy – Four-Color Laser Engine for Confocal Microscopy, and Light Sources – UV-LEDs More Powerful Than Ever

Optik & Photonik 1/2018 February

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 1/2018 The Lawrence Livermore L3-HAPLS high repetition rate advanced petawatt laser system, designed, developed and constructed in only three years, was installed in December at the ELI Beamlines Research Center in Dolní Brežany, Czech Republic. (Source: LLNL / D. Jemison), cf. page 11 Editorial Photonics Is International Carlos […]

Optik & Photonik 5/2017 December

Cover Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 5/2017 Partial view of the source producing the single photons that were stored in the quantum memory to produce entanglement between many atoms inside the memory.  Editorial Light‐Based Technologies for a Better World Maryellen Giger (University of Chicago, SPIE President for 2018) page 1 Contents Contents: Optik & Photonik 5/2017 pages 2-3 […]

Optik & Photonik 4/2017 October

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 4/2017 Fisba is a leading supplier for customized optical components and systems for life sciences applications. The company is a specialist for all questions starting from custom design, followed by prototype production and ending with larger scale production. Everything is done efficiently under one roof in Switzerland. Editorial […]

Optik & Photonik 3/2017 June

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 3/2017 High resolution images of stents are produced by the large area scan macroscope by Schafter+Kirchhoff. The telecentric beam path allows the measurement of the width of single stent ridges with high accuracy. The large area scan macroscope has a measuring range of 43 mm at a resolution […]

Optik & Photonik 2/2017 April

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 2/2017 Technical and process attendance by Fab 3D‐print (here: Patrick Ongom‐Along engaged with a contract production for the cooperative DFG‐funded project ultraMAMMA. (Source: R. Klinkowski, EAH Jena) Editorial On the Way to Microscopy 4.0 Markus Lusser (Leica Microsystems) Page 1 Contents Contents: Optik & Photonik 2/2017 Pages 2-3 […]

Optik & Photonik 1/2017 February

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 1/2017 Princeton engineering researchers have illuminated another path forward for LED technologies by refining the manufacturing of light sources made with perovskites, a more efficient and potentially lowercost alternative to materials used in LEDs found on store shelves, currently. Editorial Welcome to Wetzlar Roland Mandler (OptoTech Optikmaschinen / […]

Optik & Photonik 2016/5 December

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 5/2016 In 2016, the EU Horizon 2020‐funded research and innovation program Pi‐Scale project started with the ambition to create a world‐leading open access pilot line. It was now producing up to 15 m long OLED‐stripes with an efficiency higher than 30 lm / W and with nearly 100 […]