Branched Flow of Light

Branched flow opens the door to many new ideas such as branched flow in nonlinear media

“The Future of Optical Design”

3DOptix releases open, cloud-based optical design and simulation software

Breakthrough in Free Space Optics Powered 5G

Aircision using groundbreaking laser technology developed by CERN and IPP Prague

Making 3D Cameras Easier to Use

New autofocusing method for high-resolution 3D profilometry with a digital fringe projection technique

Hypertelescopes for More Details

An upgraded hypertelescope could image multiple stars simultaneously

Precision Mirrors to Improve Detector Sensitivity

Improved deformable mirrors developed for gravitational wave observatories

Biologically Inspired Ultrathin Camera

First prototype of a fully packaged ultrathin insect eye camera

Lensless On-Chip Microscopy

A new microscopy platform removes a central component of traditional microscopes – objective lenses

Machine Learning for Quantum Optics

AI can reconstruct quantum states from experimental data in the presence of noise

A Perfect Solar Energy Absorber

A laser treated tungsten selective solar absorber exhibits excellent performance as a high-temperature solar receiver