Ultra-Thin Optical Fibers for Tiny 3D-Print Microstructures

New possibilities for advanced microfabrication through endoscopic probes with inexpensive laser sources

Single Metalens Focuses White Light

Ground-breaking lens opens new possibilities in virtual and augmented reality

Lensless Single-Exposure 3D-Imaging

Innovative computational imaging approach could advance applications from brain research to self-driving cars

New Microscope for Optogenetics

Innovative method provides more than 100 times larger field of view for studying brain activity

Smart Window Switches From Clear to Reflective

Easy-to-manufacture switchable windows could improve energy efficiency in buildings and help keep cars cool

Deep Learning to Improve Optical Microscopy

Ability to produce more accurate images more quickly could aid diagnostic medicine

Concept for a Directional Color Filter

Nanoscale devices divide incident white light into its component colors based on the direction of illumination

UNESCO Proclaims Annual International Day of Light

May 16th will enable global appreciation of light and light-based technologies

Path Length of Light in Opaque Media

A seemingly paradoxical prediction in physics has now been confirmed in an experiment

Looking Inside Refraction of Metamaterials

Properties of metamaterials can be controlled by the lattice constants