Optical Microscope With Atomic Accuracy

A new calibration process to closely examine and correct imaging errors

New Design Method for Free-Form Optics

New geometries will help accelerate the adoption of freeform optics in industry

Innovative Industry Meet for Optical Technologies

Review: Optatec 2018

Microscopes as Thermometers

A new transparent coating combines thermal imaging and microscopy

Processing Glass Like a Polymer

The new material can be milled, turned, laser-machined, or processed in CNC machines

Data Transmission With Laser Frequency Combs

Discovery has the potential of increasing the capacity of wireless communications

Smartphone Takes Microscopic Images

Deep learning improves the resolution and color details of smartphone images

High‐Speed 3D-Printing of Optical Lenses

New method could impact optical imaging, vision correction, and disease diagnosis

Metalens as a Hologram Generator

Flat optical device has applications in virtual reality, high resolution microscopy and holography

Diodes of Light

Light-with-light interaction in a microring blocks backwards propagating light