Highly Curved Image Sensor

New device collects more light and corrects aberrations in a much more efficient way

Mirror, Mirror on the Truck …

… who is the largest convex one of all? The ESO E-ELT’s 4-meter M2 mirror!

First Flat Lens for Immersion Microscope

Metalenses can be tailored for any immersion liquid

Looking Through Fog with Optical Noise

Approach could help fill in the gaps where LIDAR and other line-of-sight based methods fall short

Fibers Transmit Light and Electronic Data

Single crystal growth improves semiconductor fiber optics

From Surplus Optics Sales to Innovative Global Optics Leader

Edmund Optics celebrates 75 years of successful impact to the world of optics

Optik & Photonik 2/2017 April

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 2/2017 Technical and process attendance by Fab 3D‐print (here: Patrick Ongom‐Along engaged with a contract production for the cooperative DFG‐funded project ultraMAMMA. (Source: TU Ilmenau / University Clinic Jena) Editorial On the Way to Microscopy 4.0 Markus Lusser (Leica Microsystems) Page 1 Contents Contents: Optik & Photonik 2/2017 […]

Alpao to Supply Deformable Mirror for E-ELT

Mirror for Observatoire de Paris with more than 3,000 actuators that move at kHz rate

Novel Instrumen­tation through Pho­tonic Re­format­ting

Micro-optic systems used in telecommunications to be used in large telescopes

Lightwaves Designed by Crystals

High-harmonic lightwaves tailored on demand by crystal symmetry