Improving Kesterite Solar Cells

Germanium promises better optoelectronic properties than tin

Mimicking the Structural Color of Insects

Photonic crystals and plasmonic structures made of a cellulose derivative

Nanoresonators Enhance Light-Molecule Interactions

First time use of phonon-polariton-resonant h-BN ribbons for infrared spectroscopy

Solar Cells With Lead-Free Perovskites

High‐quality double perovskite films show long electron–hole diffusion lengths greater than 100 nm

A Paper-Thin, Flexible LCD

A cholesteric liquid crystal colored mirror is used as the colored reflective backboard

High‐Speed 3D-Printing of Optical Lenses

New method could impact optical imaging, vision correction, and disease diagnosis

Metalens as a Hologram Generator

Flat optical device has applications in virtual reality, high resolution microscopy and holography

Assessing Quantum Dot Photoemissions

Analysis of QD-photoluminescence using polyoxometalates as quenchers

Metalens With Artificial Muscles

Artificial eye automatically stretches to simultaneously focus and correct astigmatism and image shift

Turning Light Upside Down

Structured metasurfaces controlthe propagation direction of excitations on the material’s surface