Perovskites for a New Class of LED

Significantly blue-shifted photoluminescence emission by reducing the pore size

Giant Optical Gain in Erbium-Based Nanowire

Significant increase will make it possible for erbium-based materials to be integrated on a chip for optical amplifiers and lasers

Atomic Movie of Perovskite Solar Cells

Ultrafast electron camera captures surprising atomic motions in these next-generation materials

3D-Printing of a Microscope

A new low-cost system for fluorescence microscopy and optogenetics

High-Index Materials for Optical Nanoantennas

Examination of the available high-index materials in terms of their resonances in the visible and infrared spectral ranges

3-D Objects Crafted From Light

Photoswitch chemistry allows construction of light shapes into voluminous structures

Nanomotors Driven by Light

Researchers demonstrate nanoscale particles that ordinary light sources can set spinning

Smart Window with Transparent Solar Cells

Organic semiconductors are modified to absorb a narrow range of wavelengths

Artificial Iris Reacts Like the Human Eye

New photonic device for micro-robots is based on a light-actuated liquid crystal elastomer

Sharp Images Without Lenses

An ultra-thin optical phased array manipulates incoming light to capture an image