Nano Fiber Feels Tiny Forces

Optical fiber is at least ten times more sensitive than the atomic force microscope

New Fiber Optic Probe for Diagnosis of Cancer

Compact handheld probe can be used for microscopic analysis of tissue

Fibers Transmit Light and Electronic Data

Single crystal growth improves semiconductor fiber optics

Subfemtosecond Dynamics of Light Vortices

Novel light-matter-interaction to enhance the capacity of optical fibers

Fast Optical Switch for Low Temperatures

Device could enable data transmission for next-generation superconducting computers

Real-Time Images of Blood Clotting

Light introduced through an optical fiber detects blood coagulation

Better Control of Nanophotonic Circuits

Digital holography techniques to focus several spots of laser light at definite positions

A Helical Channel for Light

First twisted photonics crystal fibres for guiding light discovered

New Probe for Optical Nanofibers

Sensitive method for measuring the interference of light without destroying the fiber

Near-Perfect Quantum Clones

New technique for quantum encryption in existing fibre optic infrastructure