Microlaser Flies Along Hollow Optical Fiber

Particle-based laser provides position-resolved temperature measurements

Lensless Fluorescent Microscope

New lensless microscope is able to produce micrometer-resolution, high–frame rate, 3D fluorescence movies

How to Convert a Smartphone to a Microscope

Brightfield and darkfield imaging modes enable microscopic visualisation of plant samples and mammalian cells

Preview: Optatec 2018

15. – 17. May, Frankfurt, Germany

Micro-Optics for High-Power Diode Lasers

New Ingeneric collimation module for single-mode diode bars utilizes brightness and beam quality

Preview: 9th High Level Expert Meeting – Asphere Metrology on Joint Investigations

28 February – 1 March, Braunschweig, Germany

Extreme Mirror Casting

First of ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope main mirror segments successfully cast at Schott

New Laser Attenuator with Optical Multilayer Filter

Result of Eurostars–Optitune program between Edinburgh Biosciences and Delta Optical Thin Film

Smallest Optical Particle Accelerator

Electron energy gain reaches an extremely high value of 2.2 giga-electron-volts per metre

The World-Record 53.3 Tb/s Optical Switching Capacity

NICT paves the way for next generation, highly efficient and green data-center networks