A Center for Atomic-Scale Components

ETH Zurich and KIT to develop new types of integrated circuits for communications networks

Finisar’s Jerry Rawls Set to Retire CEO Role

The board of directors is looking for a successor as CEO

Quantum Encryption with Structured Photons

High-dimensional quantum cryptography performed in real-world city conditions for first time

First Data Transmission With Terahertz Multiplexer

Terahertz waves could provide a much larger capacity to carry data than microwaves

Chiral Cooling in an Optomechanical System

New kind of Interaction of light with sound in solid state micro-resonators

Single-Photon Emitter for Quantum Info-Processing

First known material for single-photon emission at room temperature and at telecommunications wavelengths

Photons for Space Quantum Communication

Lasertechnology facilitates the adoption in a global truly-secure communication network

II-VI Incorporates Integrated Photonics

Innovator of optical isolator materials to be a division of II-VI Photonics segment

World’s Most Narrowband Diode Laser on a Chip

Integrated chip-based hybrid laser with unprecedented high spectral-purity

Satellite-Based Quantum Encryption Network

Optical signals from satellite show that equipment in space can be adapted for extremely secure data encryption