New Ways to Twist and Shift Light

Optical ring resonators show the interplay of two types of spontaneous symmetry breaking

Superhighway for the Quantum Internet

New concept for the inline measurement of spatially encoded multiphoton quantum states

1 Gbit/s Data Rates over Plastic Optical Fiber

KDPOF automotive optical gigabit Ethernet receives compli­ance approval from JASPAR

Programming Light on a Chip

New approach for photonic quantum information processing and optical signal processing

Twisting Light for Data Transmission

Tiny gears on computer chips generate a vortex of light that could boost optical computing

Waveguides Widen Light Beams

A highly efficient converter enlarges the diameter of a light beam by 400 times

Microwaves for the Last Mile

New light modulator is completely independent of external power supplies

Long-Lived Nanolight in a 2D Material

In-plane anisotropic polaritons could enable directional and strong light–matter interactions

Twisted Light Carries More Data

New technology could allow 100-times faster internet

A Cloud-Piercing Laser

An ultra-hot laser creates a temporary hole in a cloud to improve optical communication