Stretching the Spectra of Frequency Combs

Waveguide design lets silicon compete with glass in frequency comb generation

First Photo of Individual Atoms Floating

New method to study the interaction of light and matter extremely precisely

Detecting Phase and Polarization Singularities

New device is very promising for achieving a highly compact photonic integrated circuit

New Source for Ultrafast Laser Pulses

Innovative approach has important applications in engineering and biomedicine

2D Material for Single Photon Emitters

Emission properties can be adjusted simply by bending or straining the material at a specific location

Metalenses with Integrated Liquid Crystals

New combination achieves achromatic and chromatic focusing with a single metalens

Light‐Driven Gripper Grown on Optical Fibers

The tool is operated using visible light energy supplied through the fibers, with no force transmission

Red LEDs for Next-Generation Displays

Novel red LEDs are more temperature stable than those made using the conventional semiconductor of choice

Scaling Up the Quantum Chip

A hybrid process connects photonics with artificial atoms to produce the largest quantum chip of its type

An Ultrathin Flat Lens with a Broad Bandwidth

A fishnet-achromatic-metalens captures 70% of incoming light in frequencies ranging from 640 nanometers to 1200 nanometers