Weighing Molecules With Light

A new light-based measuring technique could transform the ability to characterise biomolecules

Graphene-Based Light Detector

Graphene can detect light of almost any colour and gives an extremely fast electronic response

Phase Change Materials for Tunable Metasurfaces

Material for small infrared filters to measure the quality of air and oil

Optically Controlled Non-Reciprocal Photonic Device

A reconfigurable non-reciprocal device works as either a circulator or a directional amplifier

Switching Chiral Molecules With Light

New method to change the chirality and optical properties of artificial molecules

Phototunable Metasurfaces

Metal-free metamaterial can be swiftly tuned to create changing electromagnetic effects

A Microscopic Roundabout for Light

A vibrating glass ring as a a magnet-free optical circulator

Improving Infrared Imaging

Artificial optical materials could allow cheaper, flatter, more efficient detectors for night vision

Nanodiamond Turns Into a Light Source

Nanoantennas based on nanodiamonds with nitrogen-vacancy centres coupled to Mie resonances of nanoparticles

Switching Light Faster on a Nanoscale

Low-loss plasmon assisted electro-optic modulator for subwavelength optical devices