Detecting Molecules with Squeezed Light

Strongly subwavelength hexagonal boron nitride planar nanostructures exhibit ultra-confined resonances

Optical Microscope With Atomic Accuracy

A new calibration process to closely examine and correct imaging errors

Magnetized Plasmas Twist Light

A non-twisting laser beam moving through magnetized plasma is opening new frontiers in imaging

Molecules Brilliantly Illuminated

A new high-power laser system generates ultrashort pulses covering a large share of the mid-infrared spectrum.

Mimicking the Structural Color of Insects

Photonic crystals and plasmonic structures made of a cellulose derivative

Opto-Thermoelectric Nanotweezers

New tool to manipulate metal nanoparticles of a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes

Catching Bacteria With a Photonic Hook

Optical forces produced by a curved photonic jet to control small particles

Metalens as a Hologram Generator

Flat optical device has applications in virtual reality, high resolution microscopy and holography

Diodes of Light

Light-with-light interaction in a microring blocks backwards propagating light

Assessing Quantum Dot Photoemissions

Analysis of QD-photoluminescence using polyoxometalates as quenchers