Macroscale Fluorescence Imaging

First confocal microscopy based macro-FLIM system with cellular resolution

Ramain Imaging 2018 Witec Paper Award Winners Announced

Scientists from Bochum, Bayreuth and Minneapolis recognized

Optical Microscope With Atomic Accuracy

A new calibration process to closely examine and correct imaging errors

Accelerating Market Adoption of Lens-Free Microscopes

Leti and Cellmic valorize their diagnostics and biomedical sensing technology

PI Appoints Thomas Bocher as Head of Segment Marketing

New, strategic function in microscopy and life sciences

Faster Laser-Based X-Ray Imaging

Using a novel, laser-based X-ray technique, physicists have imaged a bone sample in three dimensions by microtomography within minutes

Smartphone Takes Microscopic Images

Deep learning improves the resolution and color details of smartphone images

KAUST–Leica Center of Excellence Inaugurated

State-of-the-art facility features the first imaging system of its kind in Saudi Arabia

Metalens as a Hologram Generator

Flat optical device has applications in virtual reality, high resolution microscopy and holography

Nanoscale View on Mammalian Cells

A new microscope produces 3D nanoscale images of mammalian cells in their entirety