Cheaper Bioimaging of In-Vivo Interactions

Single-pixel detection method combined with a mathematical sampling technique

Medical Device Development in Partnership

ITL teamed up with PI to integrate xyz mechanisms in an automated fluorescence screening microscope that scans for DNA

Sharper 3D-View on Human DNA

Novel DNA dye allows highly detailed visualization of chromatin structure in cells

Physicists Design Ultrafocused Pulses

A new simple scheme to theoretically generate arbitrarily short and focused electromagnetic fields

3D-Printing of a Microscope

A new low-cost system for fluorescence microscopy and optogenetics

Magnetic Imaging with Nanometer Resolution

New method uncovers ultrafast vortices in superconducting films

Winners Announced for 2017 Witec Paper Award

Scientists named from Ireland, Portugal and Germany who used correlative confocal Raman microscopes

Recording Holograms with Femtosecond Speed

New camera can visualize transparent biological structures without introducing contrast agents

Salk’s Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center Partners with Zeiss

Global partnership will advance biomedical imaging technologies

Quantum Nanoscope Detects Light Ripples

New method to detect electrons surfing the waves of light on graphene