Lensless Endoscope Captures 3D Images

Self-calibrating technology opens new opportunities for medicine and research

Two-Photon-Microscope Smashes Speed Records

A new two-photon microscope captures videos of the brain faster than ever, revealing neurotransmitter release

Heating Smart Lenses

A new adjustable technique to manipulate light without any mechanical movement

Qlarity Imaging to Improve Medical Outcomes with AI

Accurate diagnosis for breast cancer patients, stemming from three decades of research at the University of Chicago

A Microscope for Automated Live Cell Imaging

CX-A defines a new standard for live cell imaging in 96 well plates for continuous organelle monitoring in cell populations

Laser Light Detects Tumors

New method of multimodal nonlinear microscopy of head and neck carcinoma

Lasers Aim to Replace Scalpels

Instead of using dyes, the new biopsy technique uses pulses of laser light to image a sample

New Lenses for Sharper Diffraction Images

A new and improved focusing system for electron diffraction measurements

3D-Printed Microscope for Medical Diagnostics

Inexpensive, robust and portable microscope provides high-resolution 3D images of cells

High-Speed Microscope with Intuitive Gesture Control

Quality control of large-area objects for semicon and electronics industries or biological samples