Terahertz Spectroscopy Goes Nano

New technique enables measurements down to a resolution of 20 nanometers

EMBL in Heidelberg Receives High-Resolution Microscopy Center

It will make new technologies available to foster a better understanding of the molecular basis of life and disease

One-Shot 3D-Imaging of Nanostructures

New microscopy method can quickly generate 3D images of curvilinear structures

New Fluorescent Dyes Advance Biological Imaging

Rhodamines molecules can generate nearly any color scientists desire

A Microscope Within a Microscope

A new way to image structures by putting a fluorescent light microscope within an electron microscope

Holograms for 3D-Images of Tissue

New technology for improved diagnoses of chronic diseases with lens-free microscopes

Cheaper Bioimaging of In-Vivo Interactions

Single-pixel detection method combined with a mathematical sampling technique

Medical Device Development in Partnership

ITL teamed up with PI to integrate xyz mechanisms in an automated fluorescence screening microscope that scans for DNA

Sharper 3D-View on Human DNA

Novel DNA dye allows highly detailed visualization of chromatin structure in cells

Physicists Design Ultrafocused Pulses

A new simple scheme to theoretically generate arbitrarily short and focused electromagnetic fields