Multicolor 3D Images of Proteins

New method to analyze and reconstruct super-resolution images

New Limit for Optical Microscopy

Optimized method makes it possible to focus on structures of as tiny as 3 nanometers across

Nikon Imaging Center Opens at UC San Diego

Center will provide the latest in microscopic tools and technologies, including “super-resolution”

Combining Light and X-Ray Microscopy

Innovative microscope shows a network of protein filaments in heart muscle cells

Nano-Imaging of 2D Materials

First observation of intersubband transitions in 2D materials via scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy

Macroscale Fluorescence Imaging

First confocal microscopy based macro-FLIM system with cellular resolution

Ramain Imaging 2018 Witec Paper Award Winners Announced

Scientists from Bochum, Bayreuth and Minneapolis recognized

Optical Microscope With Atomic Accuracy

A new calibration process to closely examine and correct imaging errors

Accelerating Market Adoption of Lens-Free Microscopes

Leti and Cellmic valorize their diagnostics and biomedical sensing technology

PI Appoints Thomas Bocher as Head of Segment Marketing

New, strategic function in microscopy and life sciences