Recording Holograms with Femtosecond Speed

New camera can visualize transparent biological structures without introducing contrast agents

Salk’s Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center Partners with Zeiss

Global partnership will advance biomedical imaging technologies

Quantum Nanoscope Detects Light Ripples

New method to detect electrons surfing the waves of light on graphene

First Flat Lens for Immersion Microscope

Metalenses can be tailored for any immersion liquid

A Perfect Large-Scale Hyperlens

Metamaterial with a hyperbolic dispersion makes far-field sub-diffraction imaging in real time possible

Zeiss Opens New Microscopy Customer Center

Experience correlative and advanced 3D microscopy

X-Ray Microscope Resolves 50-nm Features

New optical system to overcome the chromatic aberration problem

Nanoscopy on a Chip

Photonic waveguide device allows a precision of just a few nanometres

Distant Images Without Long Lenses

New camera uses synthetic apertures for long-range, subdiffraction-limited visible imaging

High-Res Imaging with Conventional Microscopes

Tissue-expansion technique could allow scientists to map brain circuits