A Room Temperature Maser to Amplify Weak Signals

Radiation is generated by optically exciting nitrogen vacancy centers in a diamond

Measuring Optical Distance at Record-High Speed

Frequency combs enable precise optical distance ranging at a rate of 100 million measurements per second

Preview: 9th High Level Expert Meeting – Asphere Metrology on Joint Investigations

28 February – 1 March, Braunschweig, Germany

The Sharpest Laser in the World

Two ultrastable lasers are each stabilized by independent silicon Fabry-Pérot cavities

Jenoptik: New Technology Campus in Michigan

A modern technology campus for metrology and laser machines provides Jenoptik with state-of-the-art infrastructure in Rochester Hills, MI

Strategic Partnership of GF and Sensofar

Sensofar Metrology supplies GF Machining Solutions with custom surface metrology systems for nano-texturing

Hexagon Acquires Aicon 3D Systems

Optical and portable non-contact 3D measuring systems strengthen scanner portfolio

Etalon Establishes Subsidiary in the US

Focus on strong North American aerospace and high-precision industrial machine sectors

‘Quasiparticles’ Reveal Incredibly Minute Distortions in Light Waves

A new measurement technique opens new pathway for nanoscale chemical sensors, adaptive optics and metrology

Zeiss Opens New Test Laboratory for Industrial Metrology

Customers flock to the city of Garching near Munich for the official opening