An Ultrathin Flat Lens with a Broad Bandwidth

A fishnet-achromatic-metalens captures 70% of incoming light in frequencies ranging from 640 nanometers to 1200 nanometers

Strain-Engineered Photodetector for Silicon Photonics

Strainoptronics: First efficient 2D material photodetector for telecom wavelengths

Nanomaterial Gives Robots Chameleon Skin

New features include unusual color changes and high touch sensitivity

How Twistronics Manipulates the Flow of Light

A promising pathway for leapfrog advancement in imaging, optical-computing technologies and biosensing

Metasurfaces for Ultrathin Camera Lenses

A new device can focus light just like a normal camera lens, but it is thousands of times thinner and can be flexible

Metasurface Opens World of Polarization

New device may have far-reaching applications in polarization imaging and quantum optics

From Dark to Light in a Flash

An optical transmission modulation contrast achieved by controlling the light scattering interfaces on non-periodic 2D surface structures

Spectral Tuning in a van der Waals Crystal

New, effective method for controlling the frequency of confined light at the nanoscale in the form of phonon polaritons

3D-Displays Made of Cellulose

Liquid-phase 3D-patterning may lead to ever more sophisticated optical and thermal devices

Switching Between Transparent and Reflective

A new metamaterial capable of changing its optical properties without any mechanical input