Sharp Images Without Lenses

An ultra-thin optical phased array manipulates incoming light to capture an image

Superfluid Light

Way to future photonic superfluid-based devices where losses are completely suppressed

Hypercrystals for Faster Optoelectronics

New metamaterial allows extremely high levels of control and enhancement of the emitted light

Controlling Light with Electric Fields

New method to control the amplitude and phase of light pixel by pixel

Optical Metamaterial for Faster Data Transfer

Tunable semiconductor metamaterials switch more than 100 billion times per second

First Flat Lens for Immersion Microscope

Metalenses can be tailored for any immersion liquid

A Perfect Large-Scale Hyperlens

Metamaterial with a hyperbolic dispersion makes far-field sub-diffraction imaging in real time possible

Stretchable Holograms Switch Between Multiple Images

Metasurfaces on stretchable substrates can serve as reconfigurable optical devices

Biomimicry with Artificial Structural Colors

New metamaterials for solar cells and chameleon-like adaptive camouflage

Photonic Hypercrystals Control Light-Matter Interaction

New material for ultrafast LEDs, solar cells and single photon emitters