A Zero-Index Waveguide

Silicon waveguides support phase-free propagation in the telecom regime

Enhancing Optical Forces

New method with a metamaterial opens possibilities within sensor technology and nanoscience

2D-Material Emits Ultrafast Pulses

Fluorescent materials could be used for rapid light-based communications systems

The Beam of Invisibility

A surprising result opens up completely new possibilities for active camouflage

Metasurface Coating Shrinks Waveguides

New pathways for future miniaturization of dielectric waveguide-based systems

Metasurfaces Structured Like Butterfly’s Wings

Two types of Si-based metasurfaces to steer visible light to a large deflection angle

Metamaterial Improves IR-Sensors

New optical device could help detect drugs and explosives

High-Index Materials for Optical Nanoantennas

Examination of the available high-index materials in terms of their resonances in the visible and infrared spectral ranges

Retroreflection of Nanostructures

New surfaces covered by a metamaterial consisting of millions of silicon pillars

Sharp Images Without Lenses

An ultra-thin optical phased array manipulates incoming light to capture an image