Laser Beam Sneaks Through Opaque Media

A pre-treated laser beam enters opaque surfaces without dispersing

Manipulating Cell Networks with Light

A new type of functional optical microscope system can precisely stimulate user-defined targeted biological cells

New Way of Photon-Upconversion

Innocuous radiation penetrates living tissue without the damage caused by high-intensity light exposure

Controlling Neurons with Light

Implantable optoelectronic device without batterie for turning off pain receptors

German-Japanese Research Alliance on OCT in Medical Imaging

Conference to kick off establishment of research alliance and joint facility in Tokyo

Processing Titanium for Pacemakers

A fine-tuned laser welds more effectively

Glucose Measurement without Prick

RSP Systems adds €3.85M in second closing of its Series B funding round – including 2.85M by Trumpf Venture

Gooch & Housego Group Acquires Integrated Technologies

G&H to expand its presence in the medical sector

Nano-Endoscope with Metalenses

Nano-optic device for high-resolution optical coherence tomography in vivo

Very High Volume of Business Deals

Review: EPHJ-EPMT-SMT 2018, Geneva, Switzerland