Macroscale Fluorescence Imaging

First confocal microscopy based macro-FLIM system with cellular resolution

New Tissue Shaped with Light

Use of optogenetics to reconstitute epithelial folding in embryonic Drosophila tissues

Ultra-Thin Optical Fibers for Tiny 3D-Print Micro­struc­tures

New possibilities for advanced microfabrication through endoscopic probes with inexpensive laser sources

New Diagnostic Method for Hip Problems Using Lasers

Gas in scattering media absorption spectroscopy to properly diagnose osteonecrosis of the hip.

The Light That Brightens the Lives of Premature Babies

New optical diagnostic system protects premature babies from brain damage

Optical Ultrasound Detection

New device for improved photoacoustic imaging developed

A Live Image During Tumor Irradiation

New ultrasound technology to make proton radiation in cancerous tissue visible

Laser Marking for Patient Safety

Laser marking enables reliable traceability of medical products

Flexible Laser for Minimally-Invasive Treatments

High-performance laser for vaporization, coagulation, and cutting of tissue