Antennas for Angstrom Displacement Sensing

Surface plasmon polaritons help to measure lateral displacements down to angstrom level

Comb on a Chip

New design for optical ruler could revolutionize clocks, telescopes and telecommunications

A New Quantum-Inspired Optical Sensor

A step closer to affordable linear optics-based sensors with high performance characteristics

A New Quantum Radar Prototype

Instead of using conven­tional microwaves, the researchers entangle two groups of photons

A Superelastochromic Crystal

The unique chromic system holds potential for realizing informative molecule-based mechanical sensing

Better Sensors with Entangled Photons

Using quantum entanglement to detect radio frequencies with more sensitivity and accuracy than ever

Photon-Photon Interactions in a Tunable Optical Cavity

Olive oil mediates a dynamic hysteresis measured with the transmission of laser light through a cavity

Quantum Imaging of Tissue Samples

Entangled photons can be used to improve imaging and measurement techniques

Ultrafast Switching of Helicity

The helicity of circularly polarized synchrotron radiation can be switched up to a million times faster than before

Imaging Electrons in Rapid Motion

Observing quantum interferences in real-time using a new extreme ultra-violet light spectroscopy technique