Leading the Way With Optical Lens Design

Optical design increasingly plays an important role in LED imaging and non-imaging applications

Maximum Light for Maximum Safety

Volkswagen relies on ultra-modern, interactive LED headlights, tail light clusters

Flexible Blue Vertical Micro LEDs

The blue GaN f-VLEDs achieved optical power density three times higher than that of lateral micro LEDs

Winning Races with Photonics

Osram supports BMW-M Motorsport at the legendary Le Mans race

New Materials Improve Color Quality of LEDs

The new phosphor was discovered using a systematic, high-throughput computational approach

Efficient LED for Train Headlights

New design combines two half-circular parabolic aluminized reflectors with high-efficiency LEDs

Fundamental Limit of Blue LEDs

Core mechanism limits the indium content in indium gallium nitride thin films – the key material for blue light emitting diodes

High Conductive Foils Enabling Large Area Lighting

Fraunhofer FEP and Sefar developed a roll-to-roll processed large area flexible OLED

Maneri-Agraz Joins Osram Division Sylvania

US service business to increase its reach in the South and Southwest region

ADB Safegate: Best Swe­dish Op­tics and Pho­tonics Com­pa­ny 2016

Laser radar-based aircraft docking, robust LED-based positioning lights for runways