New Form of Light Created

Newly observed optical state could enable quantum computing with photons

New Materials Improve Color Quality of LED

The new phosphor was discovered using a systematic, high-throughput computational approach

New Way to Generate Ultra-Short Bursts of Light

The formation of temporal simultons produces stable femtosecond half-harmonic pulses

Efficient LED for Train Headlights

New design combines two half-circular parabolic aluminized reflectors with high-efficiency LEDs

GeSn Lasers With Broad Wavelength Coverage

The prototype shows a major advance toward Si-based mid-infrared laser sources for integrated photonics

A Topological Insulator Laser

Lasing mode exhibits topologically-protected transport without magnetic fields

New Model of Frequency Combs

Generation of frequency combs in microresonators with simultaneous Raman and Kerr nonlinearities

Tuning Liquid-Crystal-Lasers

Lasing can be reversibly switched from the short-wavelength to the long-wavelength edge mode by applying a voltage

Fundamental Limit of Blue LEDs

Core mechanism limits the indium content in indium gallium nitride thin films – the key material for blue light emitting diodes

Doubling Frequency of Transportable Lasers

New system showed 130 h uninterrupted operation without decay in output power at 313 nm