Sharp Images Without Lenses

An ultra-thin optical phased array manipulates incoming light to capture an image

Antireflection with Moth Eye Structures

Glass covered with the new film showed about a ten-fold improvement in contrast ratio

A Perfect Large-Scale Hyperlens

Metamaterial with a hyperbolic dispersion makes far-field sub-diffraction imaging in real time possible

Distant Images Without Long Lenses

New camera uses synthetic apertures for long-range, subdiffraction-limited visible imaging

Novel Lens for Super-Resolution Imaging

Supercritical lens microscope reaches an imaging resolution of 65 nanometres

Spectacles for X-Ray Lasers

New optical device to concentrate the beam of an X-ray laser stronger than ever before

Navitar Purchases Canadian Camera Manufacturer Pixelink

Acquisition expands Navitar’s integrated imaging solutions business

Flat Lens Made of Nanopillars

First metalens to work across a continuous bandwidth allows new control of light

Glasses with Liquid-Based Lenses

Reading glasses automatically adjust the focus on what a person is seeing

New Approach to 3D Holographic Displays

Prototype performs more than 2,600 times better than existing 3D holographic displays