Osram: Quantum Dots Make LEDs Even More Efficient

First step towards new LED components for the general lighting market

Simple Color Tuning of LED Bulbs

Tuning the color of a GaN LED by changing the time sequence at which the operation current is provided to the device

Light from Exotic Particle States

A new type of light-emitting diode uses emission from the radiative decay of exciton complexes

Boosting Intensity of Nanowire LEDs

UV-LEDs with a special type of shell produce five times higher light intensity than comparable LEDs

Highly Economical LED Street Lights Tested in Practice

Implementation in series under way

Record Efficiency for Perovskite-Based LED

Rational molecular passivation is responsible for high-performance in the near-infrared

High Efficiency of Deep Ultraviolet LEDs

Steps that form during LED fabrication improve their efficiency by creating tiny paths of electric current

Photonic Cooling with an LED

Demonstration of active nanophotonic cooling for solid-state refrigeration and on-chip device cooling

EV Group Partners with Plessey

Driving GaN-on-silicon monolithic microLED technology for AR applications  

Strong Interactions Between Light and Sound

Strong-coupling regime between light and high-frequency acoustic vibrations demonstrated