Perovskites for a New Class of LED

Significantly blue-shifted photoluminescence emission by reducing the pore size

LED Engin Acquisition to Boost Osram’s Specialty Lighting Business

LED Engin mainly incorporates chips from Osram Opto Semiconductors

Photonic Hypercrystals Control Light-Matter Interaction

New material for ultrafast LEDs, solar cells and single photon emitters

Light Controls Morphology of Perovskites

Crucial effect to fabricate better state-of-the-art perovskite solar cells

Everlight Opens Smart Ergonomic Factory

New factory exclusively for automotive products commenced operations

Flexible in-Molded LED Foil Fabricated in R2R Process

Companies invited to create new products

Ultrafast LEDs Send Secret Pin-Codes

Handheld prototype provides quantum key long enough to stop hackers

Edges Improve Perovskite Efficiency

2D layered hybrid perovskites tuned for optoelectronic performance

New LED for Deep Ultraviolet

UV-C LEDs for food preservation and counterfeit detection

Better Photoluminescent Compounds

Photoluminescence depends on weak interactions between atoms within the single compound molecule