High-Efficiency Laser for Silicon Chips

New laser would be interes­ting for optical data transfer, night-vision systems and sensors.

A Nanoscale Laser Made of Gold

New hybrid nanomaterials combine the optical properties of metals and semiconductors

Supercontinuum in a Crystal

New process creates a wide range of colours from a single laser

New Transmitter for Terahertz Waves

A germanium component generates pulses with many different terahertz frequencies at the same time

Laser Defense System against Autonomous Drones

Light Blade system test successfully downs 90% of incendiary balloons

A Sound Boost to Extreme Lasers

A diamond laser driven by sound waves is enabling new extremes of laser performance

Ultrafast Control of Microlasers

An efficient ultrafast all-optical switch could revolutionize the all-optical computing

Reconfigurable Chiral Microlasers

Demonstration of a spontaneously symmetry-broken microlaser in an ultrahigh-Q WGM microcavity

First Electrically-Driven Topological Laser

Prototype has the ability to route light particles around corners

Ultrafast Data Transfer with Sound and Light

Terahertz quantum cascade lasers could lead to the transmission of data at the rate of 100 gigabits per second