PhotonicsViews 3/2019 June/July

“Laser World of Photonics” issue – focus “Laser Optics”, title story “Anamorphic Shaping of Laser Beams”, cover stories are Multiline Lasers for Fluorescence Microscopy, and Spectroscopy Applications for Plasma Monitoring.

PhotonicsViews 2/2019 April/May

Cover Picture Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 2/2019 New cw high power blue diode laser allows controlled heat conduction welding of copper. (Source: Laserline)   Editorial Digitization with Non‐Contact Sensors: Integration into the manufacturing environment and production process Ralf Christoph (Werth Messtechnik) Pages: 1   Contents Contents: PhotonicsViews 2/2019 Pages: 2-3   News News: PhotonicsViews 2/2019 Pages: […]

PhotonicsViews 1/2019 February/March

Cover Picture Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 1/2019 Working within the framework of Lyteus, Holst Centre and Fraunhofer FEP step into the spotlight with the creation of the world’s longest single-device OLED, a 15-meter roll-to-roll OLED. (Source: Lyteus) Editorial Welcome to PhotonicsViews Magazine: Bringing all of photonics to a united readership following the merger of Laser Technik […]

Laser Technik Journal 4/2018 October

The October issue addresses topics of the EuroBlech, Fakuma and Formnext trade fairs. Focus is “Automotive Applications”, further cover topics are Beam Shaping and Laser Cutting.

Laser Technik Journal 3/2018 June

The June issue addresses topics of the SLT Congress in Stuttgart, Germany, and the parallel-held LASYS trade fair. Cover topics are Additive Manufacturing and Laser Surface Processing.

Laser Technik Journal 2/2018 April

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Laser Technik Journal 2/2018 Fisba designs and manufactures custom micro optics for laser diodes, which include FACs, SACs, SAC arrays and FBTs. For diode lasers to reach their full potential, output beams must be shaped to optimize optical quality. Fisba’s components enable this precise collimation and beam shaping. Editorial Digital […]

Laser Technik Journal 1/2018 January

Cover Picture: Laser Technik Journal 1/2018 Lighting effects achieved by defined nanostructures – created with the help of a new software module that will be refined in the LiNaBioFluid and DPP² projects (Source: Fraunhofer IPT), cf. Pages 29 Editorial Far from Being Exhausted Heinz‐Jürgen Prokop (VDMA) Page 1 Contents Content: Laser Technik Journal 1/2018 Pages […]

Laser Technik Journal 5/2017 November

Cover Picture: Laser Technik Journal 5/2017 The newly presented smart information system delivers information tailored to match the requirements of the job in hand, straight from the machine control unit to the machine operator. (Source: Fraunhofer IPT / Mitsubishi Electric)  Editorial An Additive Addition for Mechanical Engineering Markus Heering (VDMA) Page 1 Contents Content: Laser Technik Journal 5/2017 Pages 2-3 […]

Laser Technik Journal 4/2017 September

Cover Picture: Laser Technik Journal 4/2017 Using Extreme High-Speed Laser Material Deposition “EHLA” to coat a piston rod eliminates drawbacks of hard chrome plating, thermal spraying, laser material deposition or other deposition welding techniques in an economical way (Source: Fraunhofer ILT, V. Lannert) Editorial Actively Driving the Digital Change Björn Kemper (Kemper) Page 1 Contents […]

Laser Technik Journal 3/2017 June

Cover Picture Cover Picture: Laser Technik Journal 3/2017 Integrated digitization of processes for laser materials processing provides customers with measurable results in industrial applications. Fraunhofer IWS Dresden develops cyber-physical laser materials processing systems by means of new hardware and software solutions. Editorial Enabling the Next Wave of Technological Advancements Thomas Fehn (SPI Lasers) Page 1 Contents Content: Laser Technik Journal 3/2017 Pages […]