Laser Machines Worth of € 10 M for German Car Manufacturers

Jenoptik’s 3D laser machines are used for the manufacture of innovative components of electric cars

World’s Most Narrowband Diode Laser on a Chip

Integrated chip-based hybrid laser with unprecedented high spectral-purity

World’s Highest Gain High-Power Laser Amplifier

Raman amplification in plasma lead to amplifiers that significantly exceed current power limits

High-Power Laser with Diamonds

The power of multiple laser beams is transferred into a single intense output beam

Structuring Metal Surfaces Efficiently

New laser machine for the automotive industry

Imaging System Detects Gas Leaks

Infrared device enables reliable monitoring under a range of environmental conditions

Laser Technik Journal 1/2017 January

Cover Picture Laser Technik Journal 1/2017 In the BMBF-funded project Laser Beam Drilling of Composites for Applications in Aviation, Labokomp, the partners focus on the development of customized processing strategies using a new, high pulse laser beam source for drilling CFRP components in large quantities. (cf. page 15) Editorial Introducing AIM Photonics Roger Helkey (AIM […]

Sodium Guide Star (R)Evolution

Novel guide star laser enables next-generation adaptive optics for ground-based astronomy

First Water-Wave Laser

Water wave oscillations in a liquid device can generate laser light

Review: 10th Laser Conference Jena

250 attendees discussed advanced laser systems technology, laser functionalization and laser-based AM