Twisting Laser Light Probes Chirality

A new method to sensitively measure the structure of molecules

Charging with a Laser

First design of an end-to-end power delivery system delivers more than 2 W for a smartphone

Tuning Liquid-Crystal-Lasers

Lasing can be reversibly switched from the short-wavelength to the long-wavelength edge mode by applying a voltage

Facet Reflectors for On-Chip Lasers

An alternative fabrication scheme for microscale semiconductor lasers beyond conventional silicon

Organic Diode Lasers One Step Closer

Perovskites have emerged as promising gain media for tunable, solution-processed semiconductor lasers

New Method to Create Gamma Rays

A cloud of trapped particles converts laser energy into cascades of high energy photons

Laser Spectroscopy Offers Prospect for Dental Surgery

Use of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy on oral tissues to benefit dental treatment

Jenoptik Acquires Five Lakes Automation

Merging laser machine business with process automation know-how

Cutting-Edge Adaptive Optics Facility Sees First Light

MUSE resolves finer details and detects fainter stars than previously possible

Laser Machines Worth of € 10 M for German Car Manufacturers

Jenoptik’s 3D laser machines are used for the manufacture of innovative components of electric cars