New Method for Dynamic 3D Printing

Printed microstructures can be moved by light and temperature

Ultra-Thin Optical Fibers for Tiny 3D-Print Micro­struc­tures

New possibilities for advanced microfabrication through endoscopic probes with inexpensive laser sources

3D Printing of Polymers on an Industrial Scale

EOS P-500 promises maximum productivity, automation readiness and processing materials up to 300 °C

C&A Bought by Minebea-Mitsumi

NHBB parent company acquires early additive manufacturing adopter

Modified Laser Cutter Prints 3D Objects from Powder

Rice bioengineers make open-source laser sintering printer for biomaterials fabrication

System Solutions for 3D-Printing

BASF, Farsoon Hi-tech, and LSS join forces in developing solutions for 3D-parts printed by selective laser sintering