A New Hollow-Core Optical Fiber

Enhancing the potential of optical interferometric systems and sensors

An Ultrafast Glimpse of Nanoscopic Aerosols

Exploration the initial consequences of the interaction of light with molecules on the surface of nanoscopic aerosols

Coin-Sized Infrared Spectrometer

New device makes use of special waveguides with an optical refractive index that can be adjusted externally via an electric field

Weighing Molecules With Light

A new light-based measuring technique could transform the ability to characterise biomolecules

MATISSE Instrument Sees First Light on ESO’s VLTI

“Most powerful interferometric instrument ever at mid-infrared wavelengths”

Doubling Frequency of Transportable Lasers

New system showed 130 h uninterrupted operation without decay in output power at 313 nm

Optical Systems Capture Colliding Neutron Stars

First “multi-messenger event” in gravitational waves, light and gamma rays reveals heavy elements production

Photonic Processor for Artificial Neural Networks

Programmable nanophotonic device uses multiple light beams to carry out calculations

New Frequency Comb in the Visible Spectrum

Glass micro-bubbles resonators produce interesting non-linear effects in the visible regime

Better Sense of Incoherent Light

Plasmonic interferometry helps to detect spatial coherence in incoherent light