5G for Real-Time Control of Production

Zeiss system for capturing in-line quality data in automotive manufacturing by using fast wireless transmission standard

Perovskite Solar Cell Achieves 28 % Efficiency

Technology leader’s solar cell exceeds highest ever performing single-junction silicon solar cell

Towards the Next Generation of Industrial 3D Printing

NextGenAM: First pilot plant put into operation at Premium Aerotec

“Lasers for Productivity: a UK Strategy”

British laser industry sets out its vision for remaining innovative and competitive

New Alliance between Machine Building and IT for Industrie 4.0

World market leaders combine strengths in “Adamos“

More Road Safety with New Automotive Lighting

Dazzle for oncoming drivers is reliably prevented

New Partnership between Rochester and Jena

Memorandum of Understanding signed

Framos Celebrates 35 Years of Imaging with a Vision

From a patriarchic lead family owned company to a global specialist with an agile leadership culture

Q-Switched Laser With Increased Pulse Power

New concept gives optical output with a pulse width of tens of nanoseconds

Tabletop-Laser for Extreme Ultraviolet Light

Device produces extreme ultraviolet light to study complex materials