Sofradir Presents World’s Smallest VGA SWIR Detector

Small footprint device facili­tates NIR imaging for machine vision app­li­ca­tions, where cost has been prohibitive so far

Single Metalens Focuses White Light

Ground-breaking lens opens new possibilities in virtual and augmented reality

Acquisition of Odos Imaging by Rockwell Automation

Leverage 3D time-of-flight technology for sensing and safety applications

Lensless Single-Exposure 3D-Imaging

Innovative computational imaging approach could advance applications from brain research to self-driving cars

Megapixel Image Sensor for Low Light

Technology enables highly sensitive and higher quality digital imaging even in low light situations

New Microscope for Optogenetics

Innovative method provides more than 100 times larger field of view for studying brain activity

X-Ray Microscopy With Record Resolution

First X-ray focus below 10 nanometres diameter at Hamburg achieved

All-Optical Ultrasound Imaging in Vivo

A transducer, through which light guided by optical fibers is suitable for real-time invasive medical imaging

A Space-Time Sensor for Light-Matter Interactions

Attosecond pulses allow to observe the motions of electrons in atoms

Metalenses With Tunable Features

New devices, made of graphene and a punctured gold surface, could be used for amplitude tunable lenses