Terahertz Spectroscopy Goes Nano

New technique enables measurements down to a resolution of 20 nanometers

Bionic Camera Senses Colors and Polarization

The bio-inspired imager captures co-registered color and polarization information in real time with high resolution

Holographic Images of Aerosols

Digital holography detects free-flowing aerosol particles with particle size, shape, and orientation

Specim Secures a € 3.5 M Investment by Bocap

Aim: double its current € 10 M revenues by 2020.

FMT Imaging Proves Accurate and Sensitive in Deep Tissue Regions

Study to assess sensitivity and accuracy of µCT-FMT under realistic in vivo conditions

Looking Through the Body With Ballistic Photons

New camera uses single photon detection to track where an endoscope is located

Mueller Polarimetric Imaging in 2017 and Beyond

A review on the state of Mueller polarimetric imaging for surgical and diagnostic applications in 2017 and the future.

The Beam of Invisibility

A surprising result opens up completely new possibilities for active camouflage

MSOT Imaging to Improve Tumor Diagnosis

TU Munich team applies real-time handheld MSOT imaging system for tissue interrogation

Snapshots of Superfluid Droplets

First imaging of free nanoparticles in laboratory experiment using a high-intensity laser source