Smartphone Takes Microscopic Images

Deep learning improves the resolution and color details of smartphone images

New Camera Inspired by Butterfly Eyes

Compact and affordable system helps surgeons see cancer cells

High‐Speed 3D-Printing of Optical Lenses

New method could impact optical imaging, vision correction, and disease diagnosis

Nanoscale View on Mammalian Cells

A new microscope produces 3D nanoscale images of mammalian cells in their entirety

Ultrafast X-Ray-Holography

With laser light, scientists create first X-ray holographic images of viruses

Hyperspectral Imagers for Drones

Leightweight, low-cost, 3-D printed imagers is useful for drone-based land and ocean mapping

Seeing Hidden Objects Around Corners

Efficient non-line-of-sight imaging at macroscopic scales with a new laser technology

Lensless Fluorescent Microscope

New lensless microscope is able to produce micrometer-resolution, high–frame rate, 3D fluorescence movies

Metalens With Artificial Muscles

Artificial eye automatically stretches to simultaneously focus and correct astigmatism and image shift

Turning Light Upside Down

Structured metasurfaces controlthe propagation direction of excitations on the material’s surface