Cheaper Bioimaging of In-Vivo Interactions

Single-pixel detection method combined with a mathematical sampling technique

4D-Camera for Self-Driving Cars

Smart combination: First-ever single-lens, wide field of view, light field camera

India to Enter Domain of Hyperspectral Imaging from Orbit

ISRO develops detector array for the Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite HySIS

XUV-Coherence-Tomography for Optometrists

XUV-radiation interacts strongly with the sample and provides a very high resolution

Sharper 3D-View on Human DNA

Novel DNA dye allows highly detailed visualization of chromatin structure in cells

3D-Printing of a Microscope

A new low-cost system for fluorescence microscopy and optogenetics

Magnetic Imaging with Nanometer Resolution

New method uncovers ultrafast vortices in superconducting films

Coherent Raman Scattering for Fast Molecular-Scale Imaging

With the new method it takes less than a second to acquire lipid orientation information in a large image

Hyperspectral Imaging for 100-% Inspection of Surfaces and Films

Integrated HSI solution implements the potential of the technology into reliable hard- and software

3-D Objects Crafted From Light

Photoswitch chemistry allows construction of light shapes into voluminous structures