Miniaturized IR-Camera for Personal Healthcare

New module is small enough to be mounted on a smartphone

Project Started to Develop “World’s Best” Video Camera

The new Rosalind Franklin Institute builds a camera to develop treatment for some of the most lethal forms of cancer

Optical Microscope With Atomic Accuracy

A new calibration process to closely examine and correct imaging errors

Squeezing Light into Nanoscale Devices

Nanolight travels along the surface of graphene for many tens of microns without scattering

New Design Method for Free-Form Optics

New geometries will help accelerate the adoption of freeform optics in industry

Magnetized Plasmas Twist Light

A non-twisting laser beam moving through magnetized plasma is opening new frontiers in imaging

Microscopes as Thermometers

A new transparent coating combines thermal imaging and microscopy

Photoacoustic 3D-Images of Cancer Cells

Method to visualise cancer cells inside the living body to find out how they function

Improving Infrared Imaging

Artificial optical materials could allow cheaper, flatter, more efficient detectors for night vision

Molecules Brilliantly Illuminated

A new high-power laser system generates ultrashort pulses covering a large share of the mid-infrared spectrum.