31.2-Tb/s Real Time Bidirectional Transmission

High capacity signal transmission suitable for coupling adjacent data centers

New Terahertz Source for Wireless Communication

Scaling down to optical frequencies opens up promising avenues for nanophotonic devices

Optical Sensors Dissolve in the Body

Phosphate glass fiber Bragg gratings for the development of soluble photonic sensing probes

Ultra-Thin Optical Fibers for Tiny 3D-Print Micro­struc­tures

New possibilities for advanced microfabrication through endoscopic probes with inexpensive laser sources

First Flexible Optical Tweezer

New approach of optical traps for medical diagnostics

Optical Fiber Senses Human Motion

The dye-doped polydimethylsiloxane optical fiber detects tensile strains by absorption of light

DNA as Photonic Materials

Scientists fine-tune organic thin films to achieve the desired index of refraction

Sensing Atoms Caught in Ripples of Light

Light waves propagating down a fiber both capture and probe the atoms

Nanocraters Improve Optical Nanofibers

One dimensional photonic cavities exhibite strong broadband reflectance and high optical transmission

Light Source With Liquid Core

Scientists generate supercontinuum light source using liquid core optical fibers