Light Source With Liquid Core

Scientists generate supercontinuum light source using liquid core optical fibers

New Optical Fiber Preserves Coherence

Basis for constructing new high-power pulsed fiber lasers and amplifiers

Optical Communication at Record-High Speed

Soliton frequency combs allow to transmit data at rates of more than 50 terabits per second

Optical Isolation in a Fiber

Complete linear optical isolation in a waveguide-resonator system composed entirely of silica glass

Nano Fiber Feels Tiny Forces

Optical fiber is at least ten times more sensitive than the atomic force microscope

New Fiber Optic Probe for Diagnosis of Cancer

Compact handheld probe can be used for microscopic analysis of tissue

Waveguides for Better Optical Chips

Most efficient way to control light in waveguides with optical nano-antenna

Fibers Transmit Light and Electronic Data

Single crystal growth improves semiconductor fiber optics

Gigahertz Optical Tuning on a Chip

New device could unlock the bandwidth bottleneck faced by wireless networks

Subfemtosecond Dynamics of Light Vortices

Novel light-matter-interaction to enhance the capacity of optical fibers