Towards Ultra-High-Resolution Displays

New approach uses a switching mechanism of plasmonic pixels based on magnesium

New Material for Large OLEDs

The substance enables high light yields and would be inexpensive to produce on a large scale

Moiré Effect for Transparent Images

A new material combines transparent properties with the moiré effect to produce images

It’s a Sony!

Sony presents concept car at CES featuring evolved imaging and sensing technologies

Openair-Plasma Technology Conquers Display Manufacturing

High-potential process for modern display production presented at Productronica

Nanowires for Transparent LEDs

For the first time, transparent conductive circuits made of silver nanowires used to make rigid and flexible transparent displays

Printing Colorful Holograms Faster

A new holoprinter technology combines low-power continuous lasers and fast printing

Tunable Dyes for Smart Devices

A two-component dye shows self-recovering mechanochromic luminescence with a high-contrast emission color change

Living 3D Displays Recreated

A material system uses electromechanical actuation of twisted spiral artificial muscles

Smart Skin Changes Color in the Sun

The hues of chameleon skin rely on arrays of tiny photonic crystals, too