Aladin’s Magic Laser Lamp

Aeolus satellite to map Earth’s wind in real-time with powerful lidar instrument

Networked Lighting: Away with the Blind Spot

KIT researchers want to make road traffic safer by interconnecting street lighting and headlights of autonomous vehicles

Gooch & Housego Group Acquires Integrated Technologies

G&H to expand its presence in the medical sector

Lasers Pattern the Lotus Effect on Aircrafts

No more cleaning: Fraunhofer IWS, TU Dresden and Airbus produce water- and dirt-repellent nanostructures on aircraft surfaces

First Kevin P. Thompson Optical Design Innovator Award Granted

Asphericon’s Dr. Ulrike Fuchs receives the OSA award for significant contributions to optical industry

GF Enters Strategic Partnership with 3D Systems

Jointly development of integrated manufacturing solutions based on 3D printing

Surface Finishing at High Speed

Laser polishing becomes affordable thanks to active beam shaping in milliseconds

Basler Acquires Silicon Software

Basler continues to expand its product portfolio for computer vision applications

Sharpening Our View of the Universe

AstroComb enables high-precision analysis of the light spectra of the most distant known objects in space

CeramOptec Celebrates 30th Anniversary, Appoints New Vice Managing Director

The Biolitec subsidiary provides optical fiber products for industrial and medical applications since 1988