The World’s Smallest 3D Image Sensor for Face Authentication

Infineon and PMD present solution for user identification and photo effects on smartphones at CES

Quantum Dots for Cheaper IR-Cameras

New approach could make technology available for self-driving cars and consumer electronics

Light-Field Technology for Practical 3D Displays

New approach would eliminate visual disturbances without additional bulky optics

Loss Processes in Perovskite Solar Cells

Emitted photons were precisely recorded and analyzed using a hyperspectral CCD camera

Megapixel Image Sensor for Low Light

Technology enables highly sensitive and higher quality digital imaging even in low light situations

India to Enter Domain of Hyperspectral Imaging from Orbit

ISRO develops detector array for the Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite HySIS

Highly Curved Image Sensor

New device collects more light and corrects aberrations in a much more efficient way

Hybrid Pixel Array Detectors Enter the Low-Noise Regime

Researchers developed HPADs with sufficient low noise to allow single-photon detection below 1 keV.