Teaching Cars to Drive with Foresight

A new approach for semantic scene understanding of Lidar-sequences

Dynamic Mapping of the Eye Surface

New non-invasive instrument images layers of the eye’s protective tear film with speed and precision

Coin-Sized Infrared Spectrometer

New device makes use of special waveguides with an optical refractive index that can be adjusted externally via an electric field

Nonlinear Optical Material Made of Tellurium Nanorods

Nanocomposite protects against intense light, holds promise for expanding high-speed optical networking capacity

Eye Imaging with Increased Resolution

Optical coherence refraction tomography (OCRT) extends the superior axial resolution to the lateral dimension

Further Strategic Step for Expanding Smart Factory Automation

Isra closes acquisition of Photonfocus: Focusing on additional growth potential with embedded sensor technologies for Industry 4.0

Artificial Compound Eye Developed

Device could be used for 3D location systems for robots, self-driving cars and unmanned aerial vehicles

Eyes for the Red Planet

First images taken by NASA’s Mars 2020 mission will be taken through Jenoptik lenses

Heating Smart Lenses

A new adjustable technique to manipulate light without any mechanical movement

Smart Cameras for Underwater Vehicles

Virtual diving – Fraunhofer IGD develops digital underwater technologies in Rostock