XUV-Coherence-Tomography for Optometrists

XUV-radiation interacts strongly with the sample and provides a very high resolution

Artificial Iris Reacts Like the Human Eye

New photonic device for micro-robots is based on a light-actuated liquid crystal elastomer

Recording Holograms with Femtosecond Speed

New camera can visualize transparent biological structures without introducing contrast agents

Salk’s Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center Partners with Zeiss

Global partnership will advance biomedical imaging technologies

Butterfly Wings Open Door to New Solar Cells

Nanostructures control scattering, reflection and absorption of different colours of light

New Fiber Optic Probe for Diagnosis of Cancer

Compact handheld probe can be used for microscopic analysis of tissue

Lower Limit für Medical Imaging

Counterintuitive result proves that you need far less light to go deeply into tissue

Real-Time Images of Blood Clotting

Light introduced through an optical fiber detects blood coagulation

Optical Ultrasound Detection

New device for improved photoacoustic imaging developed

Proteins for Cheaper Color Filters

Luminescent proteins in microstructured layers are useful for optoelectronic devices