Snapshot Photoacoustic Topography

Photoacoustic topography through an ergodic relay for low-cost high-throughput snapshot wide-field imaging

Metasurfaces Correct Color Blindness

New type of contact lenses to correct deuteranomaly, a form of red-green color blindness

Biologically Inspired Ultrathin Camera

First prototype of a fully packaged ultrathin insect eye camera

A Supercontinuum Laser for Fast Detection of Skin Cancer

New LC-OCT medical imaging device detects cancer cells early, fast, without biopsies

Simulated Photosynthesis

Molecular dynamics simulations show how membrane complexes tune the photoexcitation of pigments

Faster Photoacoustic Microscopy

New method can find blocked blood vessels by monitoring the flow of red blood cells without using a contrast absorber

Cameras Help Accelerate Human Cell Analysis Process from Days to Minutes

Analysis speed up by factor of 10,000

Converting 2D Images into 3D Using Deep Learning

A deep neural network can be trained to virtually refocus a two-dimensional fluorescence image onto user-defined three-dimensional surfaces

Preview: EPIC Meeting on Photonics for Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment

11 – 12 December 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Glowing Nanoparticles Control Biological Processes

Light from nanoparticle clusters was able to activate anticancer drugs within cells