Bending Light Around Tight Corners

A new photonic crystal waveguide paves the way to build futuristic light-based computers

Synchrotron Radiation in a Crystal

A new device accommodates speed along circular paths producing terahertz radiation

Optical Centrifuges for Superrotors

Novel corkscrew-laser technique can send molecules spinning rapidly about a selected axis

New Type of Silicon Laser

Unconventional approach uses a combination of light and sound waves to amplify light

New Form of Light Created

Newly observed optical state could enable quantum computing with photons

Needle-Pulse Beam Pattern

Approach could bring unprecedented sharpness to ultrasound and radar images

Electrons Behave Like Light

Electrons mimic light in graphene and may enable new low power electronics

Novel Beam Shaping for Laser Micro Processing

New approaches in laser process development with complete beam shaping system

Laser Technik Journal 15/2 April issue

Laser Technik Journal April issue published