Metasurface Reflects Light Only in One Direction

A first optical metasurface with controllable ultrafast time-varying properties breaking optical reciprocity

Processing Glass Like a Polymer

The new material can be milled, turned, laser-machined, or processed in CNC machines

Mueller Polarimetric Imaging in 2017 and Beyond

A review on the state of Mueller polarimetric imaging for surgical and diagnostic applications in 2017 and the future.

Using Polarons to Harvest Sunlight

New type of photovoltaic cell converts infrared radiation into electrical energy

Twisted Light From a Vortex Laser

New microlaser could lead to increased data rates in optical communication

New Class of Flexible Photodetectors

Photo-thermionic effect in vertical graphene heterostructures to harvest low-energy photons

Graphene-Based Optoelectronics

Silicon–graphene plasmonic Schottky photodetector shows high responsivity and avalanche photogain

New LCDs Work in Extreme Cold and Heat

Novel liquid crystal formulations usable from -40 to +100 °C

Infrared Light Captured with Graphene

Light couples to charge oscillations in the monolayer sheet

New Lens for Focusing Terahertz Radiation

A new way to focus terahertz radiation using an array of stacked metal plates