Microlight3D Wins Forum Labo Award

First French firm to design 3D printers that create polymer-based objects smaller than living cells

Getting the Balance between Environ­mental Pro­tec­tion and Pro­duc­ti­vi­ty

Review: 5th ICTM Conference for Turbomachinery Manufacturing

International Award for Christoph Leyens

Dresden materials expert appointed adjunct professor by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia

Producing Finest Polymer Structures Faster

Saving time with stereolithography and multiphoton polymerization in one machine

Ultra-Precise Additive Series Manufacturing of Micro-Optics

Overcoming geometrical constraints known from standard fabrication methods

Saving Time and Costs in Industrial Prototyping

Novel 3D printing technique produces smooth surfaced micro-parts without need for post-processing

3D-Printing Your Porsche

In the factory of the future, innovative production methods will bring major advantages that principally benefit customers

Additive, Subtractive, and Hybrid 3D Manufacturing

Review: IVAM LaserForum 2018

Groundbreaking World Premieres and Records

Review: Formnext

Desktop Metal and Fraunhofer IAPT Cooperate

Jointly development of special materials for use with the Studio System+ for European customers