Bystronic Takes Over Weber Laserservice

Smiling faces after signing the contract, from left to right: Marius van der Hoeven, Patrick van den Berg, Martin van de Weg, Marco de Jong (Source: Bystronic)

Increased know-how, a pooling of forces, and an even stronger focus on the requirements of the customers: On May 1, 2020, Bystronic Benelux BV, based in Meerkerk in the Netherlands, has taken over one hundred percent of Weber Laserservice BV located in the Dutch village of Heteren.

“With the acquisition of Weber Laserservice, which has an excellent 15-year track record on the Benelux and German markets as well as in other countries and specializes in Bystronic machines, we are achieving several goals at once,” says Marco de Jong, managing director of Bystronic Benelux: “This move will make us the largest and most potent service and support organization in the increasingly dynamic market, and this both on-site with our customers and in the back office. A highly experienced and superbly trained team of technicians can now provide even more effective and prompt support for customers of every size and for every generation of Bystronic machine.”

Weber Laserservice building sporting the Bystronic logo (Source: Bystronic)

Patrick van den Berg and Martin van de Weg, former owners of Weber Laserservice, add: “We are delighted that we will now be an integral part of our preferred partner Bystronic. The pooling of the strengths of these two companies will lead to significant additional synergies, which will translate into a considerable added value for the customers.”

Weber Laserservice specializes in the maintenance, training, installation, and sales of Bystronic laser cutting machines and also plays an important role in the second-hand market for laser cutting systems. The company has been a Bystronic certified partner for many years and has in the past been awarded the title of “Best Service Partner” of Bystronic Benelux.

In addition to service and support for flatbed lasers, pressbrakes, automation and software, these services will now also be offered for tube processing. Thus, Bystronic’s customers can rely on expert support from a single source.

“There will be no staff layoffs, because customer support is of the utmost importance to us, both now and in the future,” de Jong emphasizes. “With the integration of Weber Laserservice we now cover all categories. The benefits of this increased efficiency will be felt by each and every one of our customers, regardless of which laser cutting system they are using.” (Source: Bystronic)

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