Berliner Glas Expands Production Capacity

The Berliner Glas Group has expanded its production area and associated capacities in Berlin. More than thirty million euros will be invested in the Berlin site in 2018 (area expansion and modification, machinery, as well as manufacturing and measuring processes). In the first six months of this year, well over half of the planned investments were already completed. The number of employees in Berlin rose by 87 in the first six months of this year to 891. The production area at the headquarters in Berlin is currently 31,780 square meters.

Berliner Glas is investing in personnel, machinery, and manufacturing processes (Source: Berliner Glas)

The larger space, investment in production processes, machines, and personnel, as well as the optimization of the optics production chain, have enabled the company to once again expand its production capacity for its key components and optical systems, thus meeting the greater demand of the markets it serves.

Berliner Glas develops and produces large format cylinder lenses and mirrors which are up to 2,000 mm long and of the highest surface quality, fiber optics for light guides in high-performance transfer, laser optics, and systems for micro and macro material processing, precision optics for use in space as well as customer-specific vacuum and electrostatic chucks, precision components, reference mirrors, and stage modules for semiconductor industry. In addition, the cleanroom space for the Medical Applications business unit has been expanded. Berliner Glas has cleanrooms of classes ISO 5, 6, 7, and 8 at its headquarters in Berlin.

Quality and protection of environment are certified according to DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 13485 and DIN ISO 14001. The Berliner Glas Group has state-of-the-art CNC machines, high-end test facilities, as well as innovative measurement technology for entire assemblies and subsystems, including 24” interferometers, atomic force microscopes, and 3D coordinate measuring devices.

Berliner Glas is also active in the development of standards. Cylinder lenses and mirrors were not previously separately recognized by the standard ISO 10110 “Optics and photonics – preparation of drawings for optical elements and systems”. They were characterized by supplementary information in the corresponding drawings. The experts of the group were active participants in reworking and expanding this and other related standards at the national and international level, and made a significant contribution to updating the standards by providing enhanced surface descriptions and specifications on design quality for optical surfaces.

Berliner Glas continues on its path of growth and is still looking for new employees. More information on open positions and on the Berliner Glas Group can be found on the online. (Source: Berliner Glas)

Link: Berliner Glas KGaA, Berlin, Germany

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