Autonomous Driving – Big Testing and Big Data as the Next Challenge

Automotive industry meets digital world. An experienced and globalized economy faces new technologies with speed never seen before. What are the consequences? Will the old economy be replaced? How will it transform to be future-proof?

More than 200 participants attended the conference to learn about autonomous driving. (Source: C. Jacquemin)

These were the questions that representatives from the car industry, software industry, innovative start-ups, academia, and politics discussed during the 3rd ASAM International Conference on 6 and 7 December, 2017, in Dresden, Germany. This year, the conference had been hosted in cooperation with the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport. More than two hundred participants from around the world attended the conference to learn about innovations and best practice examples and discuss these topics with international speakers.

The participants got a comprehensive overview on the current status of autonomous driving and heard about innovative ideas on how different companies solve the upcoming challenges. Dr. Klaus Estenfeld, managing director at ASAM e.V., said: “Many of the speakers have requested standards for autonomous driving: From interfaces for simulation tools, standardized environment modeling and standardized driving situations – we are aware of this need and hope to be able to provide some standards soon.”

The conference was accompanied by an interesting exhibition where tool vendors and academics presented their latest products and projects. (Source: ASAM)

Link: Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM e.V.), Hoehenkirchen, Germany

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