Quantum Chaos Improves Laser Performance

New approach to suppress spatiotemporal instabilities using wave-chaotic or disordered cavities

Preview: ECOC Exhibition

24 – 26 September 2018, Rome, Italy 

Loss Processes in Perovskite Solar Cells

Emitted photons were precisely recorded and analyzed using a hyperspectral CCD camera

Aladin’s Magic Laser Lamp

Aeolus satellite to map Earth’s wind in real-time with powerful lidar instrument

Reconstructing Images in a Multimode Fiber

Deep neural network recognizes images from the pattern of speckles transmitted to the far end of a fiber

Preview: AMB 2018

18 – 22 September, Stuttgart, Germany

World’s Fastest 3D Tomographic Images

Precision rotary table at the EDDI beamline at BESSY II was combined with particularly fast optics

Networked Lighting: Away with the Blind Spot

KIT researchers want to make road traffic safer by interconnecting street lighting and headlights of autonomous vehicles

Time-Folded Optics for Streak Cameras

Time-of-flight camera is able to estimate the depth of the 3-D scene

Gooch & Housego Group Acquires Integrated Technologies

G&H to expand its presence in the medical sector