ASML Expands Board with Christophe Fouquet

ASML Holding announced that its supervisory board appointed Christophe Fouquet (44) as executive vice president to the board of management. With the addition of Christophe Fouquet, the ASML board of management expands from five to six members. Christophe Fouquet has taken over responsibility for the Business Line EUV from Frits van Hout on 1st April 2018.

Christophe Fouquet (right) is the new member of board at ASML, taking over the EUV lithography department from Frits van Hout (left) who now focuses on growth prerequisites and supplier relationships. (Source: ASML /

Frits van Hout has successfully overseen the development of the EUV business over the last five years, bringing it to a level where EUV is widely accepted as the next lithography platform for the semiconductor industry. Since 1 April 2018, he focuses on strategy and strategic supplier relations. Within the board of management, he is responsible for ASML’s growth specifically as it relates to the increasing significance of strategic supplier relationships, notably in the context of EUV and High-NA EUV as well as e-beam metrology and optical systems.

Christophe Fouquet, as a new member of the board of management, oversees the introduction of EUV lithography in high-volume manufacturing of integrated circuits at customer sites. As ASML continues to make improvements in the availability of the EUV systems and the profitability of the EUV business, Fouquet drives the roll-out and industrialization of EUV and in parallel he oversees the development and introduction of High-NA EUV lithography over the coming years.

In his previous role as leader of business line applications, Fouquet has established the applications business as a key pillar under ASML’s Holistic Lithography strategy, overseeing strong organic sales growth and initiating and executing successful mergers and acquisitions through Taiwan-based HMI. Jim Koonmen, previously managing ASML unit Cymer Light Sources, and before that managing ASML’s computational lithography unit, succeeds Fouquet as the leader of business line applications.

“We’re delighted to welcome Christophe to the board of management where he will bring broad and deep technology and business experience. With Frits focusing on the best possible collaboration with our key strategic suppliers, we are confident that we have a great team in place to execute our strategy, achieve our 2020 sales and profit targets and realize further growth of the company beyond 2020,” said ASML’s president and chief executive officer Peter Wennink. (Source: ASML)

Link: ASML Holding NV, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

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