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A breakthrough lidar sensor architecture for self-driving vehicles, a sensor detecting nano-vibrations of the body with applications in elder-home healthcare and smart cars, and a light source capable of remotely delivering high-luminance broad-spectrum white light are among innovative new products named as winners in ten categories of the prestigious 2018 Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation.

Class 5 Photonics’ Klaus Schmidt, Robert Riedel, Michael Schulz and Ivanka Grguras (from left to right) at the awards ceremony in San Francisco. (Source: DESY)

These awards have for ten years honored groundbreaking technology and product inventions within the high-impact industry of optics and photonics. Winners from four countries were announced by industry leaders on the evening of January 31st at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco at a gala banquet that has become the largest annual global gathering of CEOs, VIPs, and entrepreneurs in photonics.

Among the winners from Europe were Class 5 Photonics, a spin-off from DESY and Helmholtz-Institut Jena. The company specialized in high-performance femtosecond laser technology. The SuperNova OPCPA is Class 5’s flagship product. It enables researchers to perform experiments ten times faster than with conventional lasers and took home the trophy in the Lasers category.

“We are delighted to win this prestigious award and being recognized as the premier laser technology partner for the most advanced R&D labs and institutions worldwide,” said Class 5 Photonics’ CEO and co-founder Robert Riedel. “With our products, we aim to enable cutting-edge research to gain new insights in processes, building blocks and interactions in physics, chemistry and bio sciences.”

The award in the category Detectors and Sensors was won by NKT Photonics from Denmark. Their Lios en.sure DTS & RTTR is a long range optical fiber-based temperature- and strain-sensing measurement system designed to monitor underground T&D power cables and overhead transmission lines. Using an optical fiber embedded in the power cable or installed externally, the system can continuously monitor and predict power cable load, cable core temperature, and strain profile over single-ended lengths of up to 70 km per system with an accuracy better than 1 °C and strain down to 2 µε.

Two more German companies were among the award recipients, Limo for their Activation Line UV-L750, optical beam-delivery and beam-shaping system for UV laser lift-off of flexible OLED displays, which may be used for solid-state laser annealing, in the category Material Processing and Additive Manufacturing, and Adloptica Optical Systems for their Foxxus multi-focus optics, a highly flexible optics tool that gives lasers improved process performance at lower costs, in Optics and Optomechanical Components.

The winners from the US are Block Engineering (Environmental Monitoring), Soraa Laser (Illumination and Light Sources), Luminar (Imaging and Cameras), Quantumcyte (Life Science Instrumentation), and Spheryx (Test and Measurement).

The award in Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics was given to Continuse Biometrics from Israel for Smart Health Mod, the first-ever sensor capable of simultaneously monitoring several bio-parameters continuously and from a distance, by detecting nano-vibrations of the body. (Sources: SPIE / NKT Photonics / DESY)

Link: Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation, SPIE / Photonics Media

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