Almae Acquires III-V Facilities and Technology

Almae technologies is commercializing an innovative photonic technology that was developed by teams from Nokia Bell Labs, Thales and the CEA at III-V Lab to address telecom and data storage center demands for very high speed optical data transmission

Spun-off by III-V Lab in October 2015, Almae technologies will use the epitaxy reactors and electronic nanolithography equipment validated by III-V Lab to ready III-V semiconductor wafers for the telecommunications market.

With over 2,000 m2 of clean rooms, Almae said it will have an annual full production capacity of several thousand semiconductor wafers incorporating new-generation laser components that support very high speed access over optical fiber.

Along with the acquisition of this critical equipment, Almae technologies will benefit from a technology transfer from III-V Lab, with operational support room the laboratory’s R&D teams in laser design, fabrication and characterization. This technology transfer will enable the start-up to rapidly achieve industrial scale and to develop products that meet the growing world market demand for advanced semiconductor laser based on III-V materials.

“We are delighted to have made this deal with Almae technologies, which brings to the market more than 10 years of research work on access photonics, strengthens our position as a technology leader in the field of laser applications for telecoms and demonstrates the value of our model of an innovative, open industrial laboratory,” comments François Luc, President of III-V Lab.

“We welcome the agreement with III-V Lab: it will enable Almae technologies to develop its epitaxial wafer manufacturing business on an industrial scale, along with high added value services in collaboration with InPACT, a III-V Lab partner for 10 years, while positioning Almae as a major player in the field of photonic integrated circuits. This new R&D and industrial production activity will contribute to the dynamism of the ecosystem of the Saclay plateau technology region by creating value and highly-skilled jobs in the growing sector of photonics applied to telecommunications,” says Jean-Louis Gentner, founder and CEO of Almae technologies.

Almae technologies designs and produces indium phosphide (InP) wafers to implement photonic circuits integrating semiconductor lasers, made possible by licensing a portfolio of patents from Nokia.  (Source: Almae technologies)

Link: III-V Lab, Palaiseu Cedex, France

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