Controlled Coupling of Light and Matter

Strong coupling and the resultant mixing of light and matter states is an important asset for future quantum technologies

DARKNESS – “The Most Advanced Camera in the World”

10,000-pixel camera commissioned by UCSB physicists and Caltech astronomers to look for alien planets

Smartphone Takes Microscopic Images

Deep learning improves the resolution and color details of smartphone images

Axoom Gets New Managing Director

On March 20, 2018, Tom Tischner took over as the head of the Trumpf subsidiary

Improving Kesterite Solar Cells

Germanium promises better optoelectronic properties than tin

Bystronic Takes over TTM Laser

Even closer ties now with specialist for tube and profile processing

Mimicking the Structural Color of Insects

Photonic crystals and plasmonic structures made of a cellulose derivative

Stefan Kaierle New Executive Director of the LZH

Detlev Ristau appointed to the LZH scientific directorate

High Impact of Ultrafast Physics

The use of light to direct electron flows may lead to a new era of optoelectronics

Superior Support for Japanese Laser Welding

Blackbird Robotics intensifies partnership with Intech