Multiplication of the Orbital Angular Momentum

New method combines circular-sector transformations into a single optical element

Trumpf Delivers One Billionth Mini Laser

Shipment to sensor manufacturer STMicroelectronics

Faster Imaging of Nano-Objects

A new ultrafast stimulated emission microscopy technique allows imaging of nano-objects and investigating their dynamics

The Path to a Digital Factory

Oerlikon and Siemens collaborate to digitize additive manufacturing

A Momentous View on the Birth of Photoelectrons

The first sub-femtosecond study of the linear photon momentum transfer during an ionisation

FAZ Technology to Expand Optics11’s Sensing Platforms

Development of full structural-health monitoring and condition-monitoring solutions

Metalenses are Growing Up

New approach for a mass-producible, centimeter-scale metalens for VR and imaging

Climate Data Thanks to Compact Alexandrite Lasers

Taking 3D printing to the lidar network – measurement campaigns planned worldwide

Coherent Celebrates 25 Years of Dilas

“Development, manufacturing and sales of high-power diode lasers” in Mainz, Germany

Chip-Based Optical Sensor Detects Cancer Biomarker

New technology lays groundwork for biosensors that improve disease diagnosis and monitoring