Recording Holograms with Femtosecond Speed

New camera can visualize transparent biological structures without introducing contrast agents

Mirphab: Sensor Boutique for Early Adopters

Pilot line for tailor-made spectroscopy solutions

New Alloy for Next Generation of Solar Cells

New material could make semiconductors for concentrator photovoltaics 30 percent cheaper

Tattile Products Now Distributed by Framos

Cooperation for Europe and North America

Hybrid Silicon Lasers for Photonic Devices

An innovative method for producing a hybrid III–V semiconductor and silicon-on-insulator optical microcavity

Salk’s Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center Partners with Zeiss

Global partnership will advance biomedical imaging technologies

Satellite-Based Quantum Encryption Network

Optical signals from satellite show that equipment in space can be adapted for extremely secure data encryption

Additive Manufacturing XXL Scale

Aachen Center for 3D Printing: Official launch of the world’s largest SLM facility

Quantum Effect Changes Direction of Light Waves

Quantized magneto-electric effect has been demonstrated for the first time in topological insulators

Optomec Teams with Lockheed and GE

NetFlex project shall accelerate the development of flexible hybrid electronic products