First Data Transmission With Terahertz Multiplexer

Terahertz waves could provide a much larger capacity to carry data than microwaves

UK’s Silicon Photonics Consortium Welcomes £4.8M Funding

Rockley Photonics matches government funding in partnership with U. Southampton

4D-Camera for Self-Driving Cars

Smart combination: First-ever single-lens, wide field of view, light field camera

Improved Sensing in an Optical Microcavity

Complex scattering effects provide a better way to detect nanoparticles

Wild Wild West Nanoplus

Worldwide no. 1 for DFB laser sources in the gas sensing business is expanding

Chiral Cooling in an Optomechanical System

New kind of Interaction of light with sound in solid state micro-resonators

India to Enter Domain of Hyperspectral Imaging from Orbit

ISRO develops detector array for the Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite HySIS

Inspecting Matter Using Terahertz Light

New technology for upcoming compact accelerators to use terahertz radiation in science

Precision OLED Singulation with Lasers

Coherent HyperRapid NX 355 lasers support emerging trends in OLED production thanks to its operational flexibility

Fastest X-Ray Flashes Produced

With a duration of 53 attoseconds researchers set a new record for light pulses