Mode Matching for Optical Antennas

Scientists developed new rules to extract far more photons from an emitter

IPG Acquires Laser Depth Dynamics

Innovative provider of in-process quality monitoring and control solutions for laser welding applications.

X-Ray Microscopy With Record Resolution

First X-ray focus below 10 nanometres diameter at Hamburg achieved

Ten Years of Nanoscribe

KIT spin-off ranks among the most successful high-tech business formations in Germany of recent years

First Flexible Optical Tweezer

New approach of optical traps for medical diagnostics

Creaform Inaugurates New HQ

New facility at Innoparc Lévis paves way for expansion and creation of 150 new jobs

All-Optical Ultrasound Imaging in Vivo

A transducer, through which light guided by optical fibers is suitable for real-time invasive medical imaging

Microscopic Laser-Structuring Vibration-Resistant Plugs

Bumpy surfaces destroy the plug contact – structures burned-in with laser light

A Space-Time Sensor for Light-Matter Interactions

Attosecond pulses allow to observe the motions of electrons in atoms

Glass Marking Fights Product Piracy

Laser marking process generates individual identification directly in flat and curved glass