International Laser Technology Congress AKL

For the 12th time, laser manufacturers and users from different sectors will be gathering at the International Laser Technology Congress AKL in Aachen. At the last AKL, over 690 participants took advantage of Europe’s leading conference on the applications of laser technology to catch up on the latest developments in this sector as well as to discuss and to collect ideas for future activities. Among others, the top issues at AKL’18 are laser material processing, laser beam source development and process control. The international audience can listen to the roughly 70 speakers from science and industry either in German or English.

Laser Technik Journal is – once again – AKL’s prime media partner with the dedi­cated April issue (2/2018) and exten­sive cove­rage online and in a later issue, inclu­ding ex­clu­sive inter­views with the fina­lists of the Inno­vation Award Laser Techno­logy.

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