International Laser Technology Congress AKL

AKL16_Button_FhILTThe 11th instance of the Inter­natio­nal Laser Techno­logy Congress AKL’16 is again orga­ni­zed by the Fraun­hofer Insti­tute for Laser Tech­no­logy ILT. Fur­ther sup­por­ting organi­zations are the European Commission, the Euro­pean Pho­tonics In­dus­try Con­sor­tium EPIC, Arbeits­kreis Laser­technik e.V., the Euro­pean Laser Ins­ti­tute, Optec­Net and the indus­trial associ­ations Spec­taris, VDA, VDMA and VDI.

Laser Technik Journal is – once again – AKL’s prime media partner with the dedi­cated April issue (2/2016) and exten­sive cove­rage online and in a later issue, inclu­ding ex­clu­sive inter­views with the fina­lists of the Inno­vation Award Laser Techno­logy.

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AKL Special Issue

Laser Technik Journal 2016/2 April

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