200 MHz Variable Gain Photoreceiver

#OP398_FEMTO-OE-300-SI-10-pThe photoreceiver series consists of a premium quality photodiode followed by a high-end, variable gain transimpedance amplifier. It excels by low noise performance (NEP), the relatively large sized detectors make optical alignment easy. The switchable gain from 102 to 108 V/A (decade increments) allows precise and reliable measurements within a wide dynamic range from nanowatts up to 10 milliwatts optical power. Compatibility with standard optical accessories like tubes and lenses is guaranteed by the selectable free space input options 1.035″-40 threaded and 25 mm unthreaded flange. Optical fiber input is supported via easy-to-mount fiber adapters (FC, FSMA) for the Si models whereas the InGaAs types offer the choice between optical free space and fixed FC fiber optic input. For use with optical bench/breadboard/table systems all the models can be easily mounted to standard M4 and 8-32 UNC threaded optical post holders via the optionally available post holder adapter type “PRA-PAP”.

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