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3D Printing of Structural Colors

World smallest colorful 3D model of the Eiffel Tower without any pigments or inks

Nanowires for Transparent LEDs

For the first time, transparent conductive circuits made of silver nanowires used to make rigid and flexible transparent displays

Webinar 10/10 AKL'20 Leica

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Looking on Attosecond Electron Motions with an X-Ray Laser

New method will provide sharp views of electrons in chemical processes that drive crucial aspects of life

New CEO in Scandinavia

Fredrik Wikfeldt took over as CEO of Laser Components Nordic AB

Sound Controls Optical Properties

Large-amplitude acoustic waves, launched by ultrashort laser pulses, can dynamically manipulate the optical response of semiconductors

Aetina, Ke Cheng Intellectualize AVI Equipment

Effectively promote the outlook of a defect-detect accuracy rate above 90 %

Light Trapping with Nanocubes

Plasmonic light detector could revolutionize multispectral imaging for cancer, food safety and agriculture

1,000th Employee Welcomed in Berlin

Berliner Glas group continues to grow

Designer Lens Helps See the Big Picture

A new method allows snapshot acquisition of high-resolution amplitude bright-field

EO 2019 Awards Recipients Announced

Edmund Optics presents Educational Award and Norman Edmund Award

Boosting Sensitivity of Terahertz Gas Analysis

Improved spectroscopy uses a high-finesse Fabry–Pérot cavity

Cameras Help Accelerate Human Cell Analysis Process from Days to Minutes

Analysis speed up by factor of 10,000

4D Imaging with Liquid Crystal Microlenses

“Self-assembled asymmetric microlenses for four-dimensional visual imaging”

Marie Langer Appointed New CEO of EOS

With next generation of management, industrial 3D printing market leader is well-placing itself for the future

Machine-Learning Microscope Adapts Lighting

Prototype teaches itself the best illumination settings for diagnosing malaria

Openair-Plasma Technology Conquers Display Manufacturing

High-potential process for modern display production presented at Productronica

3D-Printed Terahertz Diffraction Gratings

Additive manufacturing of components for the manipulation of terahertz radiation

Chromacity Appoints New Non-Executive Chairman

Experienced technology industry executive Ian Stevens to support ultrafast laser company’s expansion

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