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Micro-Spectrometer for Smartphones

New system consists of a photonic crystal cavity with an integrated quantum dot photodiode

Large-Scale Production of Photonic Chips

Collaboration between Fraunhofer Project Center, Lionix International, University of Twente and Phix Photonics

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35 Years in Business – Yelo Celebrates in New Building

New £ 2 M factory in Carrickfergus opened in November 2017

Ultrafast X-Ray-Holography

With laser light, scientists create first X-ray holographic images of viruses

PIXAPP Advanced Photonic Packaging Training Program

Course covers the key optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical aspects of packaging technologies

Hyperspectral Imagers for Drones

Leightweight, low-cost, 3-D printed imagers is useful for drone-based land and ocean mapping

“Lasers for Productivity: a UK Strategy”

British laser industry sets out its vision for remaining innovative and competitive

Seeing Hidden Objects Around Corners

Efficient non-line-of-sight imaging at macroscopic scales with a new laser technology

Successful Technology Transfer in Micro 3D Printing

DPG Award goes to Nanoscribe and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Lensless Fluorescent Microscope

New lensless microscope is able to produce micrometer-resolution, high–frame rate, 3D fluorescence movies

LIDE in the Lead

LaserMicronics processes ultra-thin glass with laser-induced deep etching

Attoseconds Break Into Atomic Interior

New laser technology to generate attosecond bursts of high-energy photons of unprecedented intensity

Metrohm Acquired IPS, Innovative Photonic Solutions

Enhancing Metrohm’s capabilities to further develop its portfolio of handheld Raman systems

A Spinning Top of Light

Light pulses for attosecond measurements of chiral-sensitive processes in gas and condensed phase

Laser Terminals Inducted Into the Space Technology Hall of Fame

DLR and its spin-off Mynaric are enabling communications using lasers

Charging with a Laser

First design of an end-to-end power delivery system delivers more than 2 W for a smartphone

Ultra-Fast Graphene Pho­ton­ics for Next Gen­er­a­tion Data­comms

Graphene Flagship’s photonics devices give a glimpse into the future of data communications

Metalens With Artificial Muscles

Artificial eye automatically stretches to simultaneously focus and correct astigmatism and image shift

Laser Heating for Bonding Without Adhesives

HPCI process: fast direct joining of metal and thermoplastic materials

Turning Light Upside Down

Structured metasurfaces controlthe propagation direction of excitations on the material’s surface

Russian Laser Association Teams with EPIC

Collaboration agreement. signed during 14th international exhibition for laser, optical and optoelectronic technologies in Moscow

Light-Emitting Nanoantennas

Prototype uses halide perovskites with enhanced photoluminescence due to multipolar Mie resonances

Curved Sensors for Imaging Applications

Leti’s curving technology Pixcurve for optical equipment improves performance and reduces cost and size

Measuring Optical Distance at Record-High Speed

Frequency combs enable precise optical distance ranging at a rate of 100 million measurements per second

Tobias Kippenberg and Jean-Pierre Wolf Honored

Zeiss Research Award presented to two Swiss scientists, additional awards for young researchers

MEMS Chips Get Metalenses

Combining metasurface lenses with MEMS technology could enhance focusing capability of optical systems

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