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Micro-Spectrometer for Smartphones

New system consists of a photonic crystal cavity with an integrated quantum dot photodiode

Large-Scale Production of Photonic Chips

Collaboration between Fraunhofer Project Center, Lionix International, University of Twente and Phix Photonics

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Metalens for Full-Color Imaging

Combining computational imaging and metasurface optics to reduce aberrations

Growing Evosys Moved to New Premises

Just two years after Evosys Laser founding, larger areas and a better working environment are now available

GeSn Lasers With Broad Wavelength Coverage

The prototype shows a major advance toward Si-based mid-infrared laser sources for integrated photonics

AM – Efficient Use of Resources in Manufacture of Metal Components

Results from the Fraunhofer EMI’s 3D-Printing Lab for Metals and Structural Materials

Metasurfaces for Apochromatic Lenses

One layered lens can perfectly focus all three colors and do the work of three conventional lenses

CMP Becomes Broker for European Mid-Infrared Technologies

Mirphab pilot line in the leadership of MIR sensor prototyping

New Lightwave-Isolation Method

A non-magnetic device free of an external power source can dramatically break transmission symmetry

GFH: Improving Production and Operating Efficiency

Laser micro machining specialist more than doubles office and production space

Stopping Electrons With Light

Researchers created a radiation reaction by colliding an intense laser beam with a high-energy beam of electrons

Equipping Electric Cars with Optical Connectivity

KDPOF presents Automotive Gigabit Ethernet plastic optical fibers at Automotive Ethernet Congress

Optical Sensors Dissolve in the Body

Phosphate glass fiber Bragg gratings for the development of soluble photonic sensing probes

Trumpf Acquires Laser Manufacturer

Amphos know-how to boost technological expertise in ultrashort-pulsed lasers for manufacturing and research

A Topological Insulator Laser

Lasing mode exhibits topologically-protected transport without magnetic fields

And The Winner Is …

Prizes in 10 categories at 10th year of Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation

Electro-Mechano-Optical NMR Detection

New method opens the possibility of mechanical parametric amplification of NMR signals

Stemmer Imaging Goes Public, Acquires Data Vision

Initial public offering and asset deal with Batenburg Mechatronica

Metasurface Converts Colors of Light

Structures of phased array antennas are able to circumvent the phase-matching requirement

Five Miles Out

In EPIC’s 15th anniversary year, sixty managers took part in the early-morning 5 Mile Run

New Model of Frequency Combs

Generation of frequency combs in microresonators with simultaneous Raman and Kerr nonlinearities

Live From Photonics West

New trends in the field of optics, photonics, and laser applications

Tuning Liquid-Crystal-Lasers

Lasing can be reversibly switched from the short-wavelength to the long-wavelength edge mode by applying a voltage

Excelitas Technologies Acquired by AEA Investors

Industrial private equity firm to enable group to successfully capitalize on growing photonics market opportunities

Looking on Subwavelength-Size Objects With Nanobulbs

Nanoscale white-light source based on a hybrid Si/Au nanoparticle with ultrabroadband spectral characteristics

A Fast and Flexible Advanced Terahertz Imaging Platform

“Terahertz Imaging Extension” by Toptica, co-developed with Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute

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