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Schematic showing the ultra-thin meta-lens. The lens consists of titanium dioxide nanofins on a glass substrate. (Source: SEAS)

Meta-Lens Works in the Visible Spectrum

High efficiency ultra-thin planar lens could replace heavy, bulky lenses in smart phones, cameras and telescopes

Quantum device in combination with an artist's illustration of nanosatellites establishing a space-based quantum network (Source: NUS)

New Devices for Global Quantum Networks

Singapore-built satellite makes and measures entangled photons pair by pair

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Schematic diagram of how the sorting system works. Particles of many different sizes pass through an optical standing wave in a laser cavity at the same oblique angle (Source: J. Curry / PML)

Optical Sorting of Nanoparticles by Size

Particles pass through an optical standing wave in a laser cavity

(Source: Zeiss)

A Precision Mechanic Conquers the World from Jena

Company celebrates 200th birthday of founding father Carl Zeiss

Photon up conversion: energy transfer between the molecules is based on electron exchange (Source: M. Oldenburg / KIT)

Photon Upconversion With MOFs

Metal-organic frameworks open up new possibilities for solar cells and LEDs

The new laser turning process is being presented at AMB with the help of a holobox that illustrates what can otherwise only be observed to a limited extent. (Source: GFH)

Turning the Hardest Materials Without Wear

New technology shapes work pieces with high precision in the µm range

In STPV systems an absorber placed between the sun and PV cell is heated by absorbing the broad solar spectrum (Source: M. Chirumamilla)

More PV-Power With Heat-Resistant Device

New high-temperature device captures a broader solar wavelength spectrum

Maintenance-free cooling in a small space: peltier elements allow a specific cooling of sensitive components. With appropriate models the stability of diode lasers can be improved (Source: Eureca Messtechnik)

Stabilizing Laser Lines by Specified Surroundings

Peltier elements enable reliable cooling of sensitive components

The metrological optical fiber link between LNE-SYRTE in Paris, France and PTB in Braunschweig, Germany, connected in Strasbourg (Source: PTB)

Long Optical Fiber Connects Optical Clocks

Project in Germany and France shows best comparison worldwide between distant optical clocks

Once operational in 2024, the E-ELT will have a segmented main mirror with a diameter of 39 m to help visualize exoplanets. (Source: ESO, L. Calçada / ACe Cons.)

New Actuator Concept for Adaptive Optics

PI and Fraunhofer IOF contribute to XAO mirror system for the E-ELT

Conceptual drawing of nanoparticle-based metamaterial solid immersion lens (Source: Bangor Univ. / Fudan Univ.)

Visible Light Superlens

3D superlens made from nanobeads adds fivefold magnification

Framos is appointed to be distributor of Ximea cameras and products in North America (Source: Ximea)

Ximea Appoints Framos as Distributor in NA

North American customers served in a variety of application and industry areas

Polariton fluid emits clockwise or anticlockwise spin light by applying electric fields to a semiconductor chip (Source: A. Dreismann)

Liquid Light Switch for Powerful Electronics

Nonlinear spin dynamics offers an alternative route to fast switching

(Source: Studio SX Heuser)

Stemmer Imaging Awarded for Continued Growth

Europe’s largest supplier of imaging and machine vision technology has been honored with the Bavaria’s Best 50 award

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