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Photonic Biosensors for Faster Diagnostics

New device to extract the electrostatic force between orbiting nanoparticles and the surface of a glass bead

Dual Frequency Comb on a Chip

Approach could lead to low-cost, portable sensing and spectroscopy in the field in real time

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Rockley Photonics to Establish Irish R&D Centre

Taoiseach Varadkar announced joint SFI-Rockley € 3.4 M investment

Nanoresonators Enhance Light-Molecule Interactions

First time use of phonon-polariton-resonant h-BN ribbons for infrared spectroscopy

BRIDG Expands Leadership Team

Dr. John J. Callahan becomes vice president of technology and Brett Attaway director of business development

New Camera Inspired by Butterfly Eyes

Compact and affordable system helps surgeons see cancer cells

UV Sphere Makes Applying Paint Quick and Easy

Several layers, even on complex surfaces, are cured easily, quickly and evenly

Twisting Laser Light Probes Chirality

A new method to sensitively measure the structure of molecules

Groundbreaking for the Zeiss Innovation Hub at KIT

A new space for carve-outs and greater collaboration between business and academia

Solar Cells With Lead-Free Perovskites

High‐quality double perovskite films show long electron–hole diffusion lengths greater than 100 nm

Jenoptik: New International EMB Members

More internationalization as a focus in the 2022 vision

Nanoparticles for Holographic Data Storage

Holograms with high stability even under the destructive UV-irradiation

Hitachi Enters Cooperation with VTT

MoU to collaborate on silicon photonics and optical data transfer components

A Paper-Thin, Flexible LCD

A cholesteric liquid crystal colored mirror is used as the colored reflective backboard

€ 10 M to Create 750 Hi-Tech Jobs

Photonics Innovation Hub Secures Actphast 4.0 is designed to help SMEs

High‐Speed 3D-Printing of Optical Lenses

New method could impact optical imaging, vision correction, and disease diagnosis

Continental and Osram Sign Joint Venture Contract

Sales target in mid-triple digit million euro range

Opto-Thermoelectric Nanotweezers

New tool to manipulate metal nanoparticles of a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes

Atomically Thin Light-Emitting Device

Transparent semiconductor monolayers for ’invisible’ displays or light-emitting tattoos

Backscattering Spectroscopy Reveils Counterfeit Drugs

Broadband, spectrally, tunable quantum cascade lasers can reliably detect a substance‘s fingerprint

Photonic Biosensors for Faster Diagnostics

New device to extract the electrostatic force between orbiting nanoparticles and the surface of a glass bead

EUV: Light for the Technology of the Future

PTB and ASML are putting a new test beamline into operation at Bessy II

3D-Printing of Large Metallic Glasses

Laser based powder bed additive manufacturing to produce large Fe-based bulk metallic glasses

II-VI to Acquire CoAdna, Opens Applications Lab in Detroit

Company strengthens its business – integrated product portfolio for ROADMs, laser materials processing

Mobile Dual-Comb Detects Methane Leaks

New spectrometer enables an observing system for continuous detection of trace-gas sources

KAUST–Leica Center of Excellence Inaugurated

State-of-the-art facility features the first imaging system of its kind in Saudi Arabia

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