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Optical microcavity to measure single-photon nonlinearity (Source: Univ- Leiden)

Manipulating Light With Quantum Dots

Important step towards light-based quantum technology

The performance of the superluminal medium formed by rod array sets was demonstrated on an example of a cloaking shell developed for microwave frequency range (Source: MTU)

Invisibility Cloak With Photonic Crystals

Photonic crystals are able to provide superluminal phase velocity of propagating waves

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TUM researchers (l-r) Fabian Steiner, Georg Böcherer, and Patrick Schulte with the statue of Claude Shannon, father of information theory (Source: D. Panyik-Dale, Alcatel-Lucent)

Optical Fiber Trans­mits 1 Tbps

Novel modulation approach fosters higher transmission capacity

(Source: Scanlab)

Green Laser Marking of Glass

Scan head is optimized for materials processing with 532 nm laser light

Spatiotemporal optical vortices, or STOVs (thin, gray ringlike objects), are newly described three-dimensional light structures that strongly resemble smoke rings. Unlike other laser vortices, STOVs are time dynamic, which means that they travel along with the central laser pulse. Compared to other laser vortices, STOVs could prove more broadly useful for engineering applications.(Source: N. Jhajj, H. M. Milchberg, U. Maryland)

Smoke Rings of Laser Light

STOVs may have broader applications than previously known optical vortices

Simulating eXtreme Spacetime Projekt (Source: S. Ossokine, A. Buonanno, AEI / W. Benger, Airb. Hydro Mapp.)

Award for Advanced LIGO Engineering Team

Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award awarded to researchers of AEI and LZH

Optical table at the Photonics Institute (Source: TU Wien)

With Great Power Comes Great Laser Science

Compressing ultrashort laser pulses increases their peak power to half a terawatt


1,000 Lasers From Vancouver

Anniversary after new nLight manufacturing site’s first year

The Osram Lighthouse is the light manufacturer's headquarter. (Source: Osram)

Osram Strengthens Innovation Initiative

Spin-off Fluxunit shall promote new and disruptive business ideas

Con Sapounas is CEO of Scitech, the new representative of Omicron in Australia (Source: Omicron-Laserage)

Lasers for Australia

Scitech takes over representation for Omicron-Laserage

A new imaging system can read closed books. “The Metropolitan Museum in New York showed a lot of interest in this, because they want to, for example, look into some antique books that they don’t even want to touch,” says Barmak Heshmat, a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab. (Source: Barmak Heshmat)

Judging a Book Through Its Cover

New computational imaging method can read through a stack of paper

(Source: Trumpf)

New CFO at Trumpf Laser

Dr. Lutz Aschke appointed Chief Financial Officer for Trumpf’s Laser Technology / Electronics division

The event was opened by Prof. Berthold Leibinger who was very pleased to see that the auditorium was filled to the last seat. (Source: BLS)

Four Innovations and One Future Prize

Awards ceremony for the 2016 Berthold Leibinger laser prizes

Green OLED light during physical stimulation of cells (Source: Fraunhofer FEP)

Cell-Compatible OLEDs for Use with Patients

Cytocompatibility studies of OLEDs have been carried out on cell cultures

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