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New Concept for Spectral Cloaking

Alternative approach to invisibility cloaking could be used to secure data transmissions

Major Step in Large-Scale Production Photonics Chips

High-tech assembly machine demo during Dutch national Photonics Event

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GF Enters Strategic Partnership with 3D Systems

Jointly development of integrated manufacturing solutions based on 3D printing

Metalattice with Strong Toroidal Dipole Response

The unit cell consists of four rectangular bars made of dielectric materials of moderate contrast

Surface Finishing at High Speed

Laser polishing becomes affordable thanks to active beam shaping in milliseconds

New Switchable Plasmonic Nanodevices

A high-contrast magneto-plasmonic disk modulator controlled by external magnetic fields

Basler Acquires Silicon Software

Basler continues to expand its product portfolio for computer vision applications

Twisting Light into Knots

Knotted polarization singularities endows a topological structure on the propagating wavefield

Optical Filter on a Chip

Filters with cutoffs around 1550 and 2100 nm are fabricated on a silicon-on-insulator platform

Sharpening Our View of the Universe

AstroComb enables high-precision analysis of the light spectra of the most distant known objects in space

Trapping Light with Metamaterials

A new protective metamaterial cladding prevents light from leaking out of curvy pathways

Monitoring Energy Storage with Optical Fibers

The approach is based on an electrochemical surface plasmon resonance optical fiber sensor

CeramOptec Celebrates 30th Anniversary, Appoints New Vice Managing Director

The Biolitec subsidiary provides optical fiber products for industrial and medical applications since 1988

Feeling with Optical Fibers

Echo of a hyper-frequency wave in a fiber varies at different locations depending on the material

Ximea Honored with Innovators Award

18 Mpix USB3 camera scores cores thanks to its small size, high speed, and low energy consumption

Optical Chip as a Neural Network

Integrated photonic routing manifolds using two planes of silicon nitride waveguides

Stemmer Imaging Acquired Elvitec

Strengthening its presence in the French market

Steering Light with Dynamic Lenses

New class of flat optical devices by the combination of metasurfaces and MEMS

Finisar to Expand 3D VCSEL Production

Ribbon cutting at new Sherman, Texas facility

Better Imaging Through Fire

Enhanced visibility through clean-burning flames allows new opportunities for optical metrology

Success with Speed and Precision

EHLA research team wins renowned Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis 2018

New Metamaterial for Solar Cells

Dielectric metamaterials do not heat under exposure to electromagnetic radiation

SPI Lasers Opens New Manufacturing Facility

Employees and the boards celebrated with a grand-opening ceremony

Nanocrystals Emit Light by Tunneling Electrons

Unique potential to create ultracompact optical sources with terahertz modulation bandwidth

Micro­struc­turing Large Sur­fa­ces with a UV Laser

Coherent and Fraunhofer ILT to deve­lop novel proce­dures with the exci­mer laser

New Nanoscale Light Switch

New method enables transmission of specific colors of light over long distances

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