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Metamaterial Improves IR-Sensors

New optical device could help detect drugs and explosives

Tunable Split-Disk Micro-Lasers

Whispering gallery mode resonators for lightsources with tunable wavelengths

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3D Printing of Polymers on an Industrial Scale

EOS P-500 promises maximum productivity, automation readiness and processing materials up to 300 °C

Path Length of Light in Opaque Media

A seemingly paradoxical prediction in physics has now been confirmed in an experiment

Jenoptik Continues Expansion in Florida

Clean room space tripled to address increased global demand for optical systems

Super-Resolution Photoacoustic Imaging

Optical-contrast images of deep-lying structures are formed by recording acoustic waves

Photonic Devices Go Flexible

Light-based devices could be used as biomedical sensors or as flexible connectors for electronics.

New Laser Attenuator with Optical Multilayer Filter

Result of Eurostars–Optitune program between Edinburgh Biosciences and Delta Optical Thin Film

Looking Inside Refraction of Metamaterials

Properties of metamaterials can be controlled by the lattice constants

3D Micro-Printing Goes Macro

Tailor-made materials enable pioneering developments and applications

Nano-CT Device Creates High-Resolution 3D-X-Rays

New laboratory CT device to generate high-resolution 3D data without requiring synchrotron radiation facilities

GM Acquires Lidar Developer

Strobe to work with Cruise Automation to develop next generation of laser sensors

Optoelectronics Without Glass

New plasmonic modulator made of a single layer of gold using a substrate-independent process

New Digitized Trumpf Logistics Center

Official dedication at Ditzingen headquarters – digital warehousing and picking systems take center stage

Insect Eyes Inspire Antireflective Coating

Microspheres capture up to 99 percent of light, ranging from ultraviolet into the near infrared

Finished Pieces in a Single Step

3D graphic programming software Artcut enhances LT-Free is the 5-axis laser cutting system

Metasurfaces Form Vortex Beams

Any input polarization of light can result in any orbital angular momentum output

Venture With Positive Outcome

InfraTec’s US location celebrates 10th anniversary

Improving Optical Traps for Ions

Lifetime of ions in a visible optical dipole trap is increased by two orders of magnitude

Hight Precision Fusion Splicing

Using CO2 laser system developed by Nyfors, CeramOptec and Fraunhofer IOF

The World’s Shortest Laser Pulse

Researchers succeeded in shortening the pulse duration of an X‑ray laser to only 43 attoseconds

Webb’s Laser-Focused Sight

James Webb Space Telescope will be able to perfect its own vision while in orbit

Sensing Flexural Motion With Quantum Dots

Quantum dot emission line frequencies as a function of time due to vibrations of the photonic crystal membrane

Phix Raises First Round of Investment

Part of eco-system of design, engineering and development of integrated photonics solutions

Random Lasing in an Optical Fiber

A disorder induced localized states form isolated local channels to make the output laser beam highly directional

Detecting Cancer in Less Than 30 Seconds

World’s first cancer scanner tracks down malignant melanoma with IR laser beam

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