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Flexible OLEDs Glowing from First European Open Access Pilot Line

Producing up to 15 m long OLED-stripes with an efficiency higher than 30 lm/W and with nearly 100 % yield

Sharpest Light Microscope Ever

German researchers achieve ultimate resolution limit in fluorescence microscopy

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Faro to Acquire MWF-Technology

Expanding the portfolio of VR solutions into actionable, mobile augmented reality

New Surface Laser for Optical Data Transfer

BIC lasers can be readily tuned to emit beams of different wavelengths

New CTO for 3D-Micromac

Uwe Wagner appointed as Chief Technology Officer

Micro-Disk as Optomechanical Sensor

Trapping light and mechanical waves within a tiny bullseye enables sensitive motion detection

Durable Components for a Better Eco-Balance

Repairing defects in fiber-reinforced plastics with a laser-based process

Higher Gain for Photonic Devices

New light amplifier could strengthen integrity of transmitted data

Compound Eyes for Industry and Smartphone

Camera lens partitioned into 135 tiny facets, similar to the eyes of insects

Microscope Identifies Individual Particles

Low-cost spectroscopy technique could allow detection of microscopic amounts of chemicals

Proto Labs Germany’s New General Manager

Industrial engineer Daniel Cohn to head digital manufacturing company

Tiny Laser with Silver Nanoparticles

New approach for extremely small and ultrafast light sources

Flexible OLED Electrodes from Graphene

New high-tech material is ideal for touch screens, photovoltaic, wearables and much more

New COO for the Berliner Glas Group

Acis Demandt assumed the position on January 2, 2017

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