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Metamaterial Improves IR-Sensors

New optical device could help detect drugs and explosives

Tunable Split-Disk Micro-Lasers

Whispering gallery mode resonators for lightsources with tunable wavelengths

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High-Performance Laser-Coated Hydraulic Cylinder Rods

Optimized cladding process at Bosch Rexroth factory location

Crystals Convert Terahertz Radiation to Visible Light

Harnessing the rattling motion of oxygen ions guides to a new kind of terahertz detector

Award-Winning Technology for Micro Processing of Glass

LPKF receives the Productronica Innovation Award 2017 for LIDE technology

Metalenses With Tunable Features

New devices, made of graphene and a punctured gold surface, could be used for amplitude tunable lenses

Additive Manufacturing Processes for Rolling Bearing Components

Schaeffler and DMG Mori cooperative development in laser deposition welding

Quantum Dots Amplify Light

Light amplification with electrically stimulated quantum dots is a critical step towards solution-processible laser diodes

Osram: New LED Chip Factory in Kulim

Malaysia plant begins operation on time to cope with enormous demand growth

Novel Hybrid Material for Next-Gen Displays

Graphene and quantum dots may inspire highly efficient and controllable displays and LEDs

UC Davis and IPHT Partner in Biophotonics

Transatlantic alliance for responsible research and education

Deep Learning to Improve Optical Microscopy

Ability to produce more accurate images more quickly could aid diagnostic medicine

Organic Diode Lasers One Step Closer

Perovskites have emerged as promising gain media for tunable, solution-processed semiconductor lasers

Confocal Raman Imaging For The Win

More than 100 scientists at the symposium, poster awards for IPHT and U. Dundee researchers

Optical Tweezer Assembles Electronic Components

Cost-effective optical manipulation platform suitable for mass production of electronic and light-based devices

Powder on Demand: Rapid-Powder-Switch

Use of new device saves up to fifty percent of powder for laser metal deposition

Ionic Solar Cell Desalinates Water

Device directly converts sunlight into ionic electricity for direct solar desalination of salt water

Blueprints for Next Generation SLM Systems

Research with different laser- and optical systems

Light Pulses Control Neuron Activity

Controlling firing pattern of neurons by manipulating the phase of the spectral components of the light

DFF with New General Manager

Ulrich Rütten to follow Franz Schneider, who leaves the association to retire

A Stacked Color Sensor

Depending on the composition perovskites can absorb part of the light, but remain transparent for the rest of the spectrum

Construction Begins on National Healthcare Photonics Centre

Ground breaking ceremony at the plot for the new building at NETPark in County Durham.

Concept for a Directional Color Filter

Nanoscale devices divide incident white light into its component colors based on the direction of illumination

Giant LEAPS for Photon Sources

European consortium of light sources used for research launched in Brussels

Butterfly Wing Inspires Photovoltaics

Light absorption can be enhanced by up to 200 percent with optimized nanostructures

UNESCO Proclaims Annual International Day of Light

May 16th will enable global appreciation of light and light-based technologies

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