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New LED for Deep Ultraviolet

UV-C LEDs for food preservation and counterfeit detection

High-Power Laser with Diamonds

The power of multiple laser beams is transferred into a single intense output beam

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IOSB Wins DIN Innovation Award 2017

Fraunhofer researchers specified basic concepts for a reference model of Industrie 4.0 service architectures

Way to Cheaper Dual Frequency Combs

New technology allows to produce a complete spectrogram in less than a thousandth of a second

Jenoptik: New Technology Campus in Michigan

A modern technology campus for metrology and laser machines provides Jenoptik with state-of-the-art infrastructure in Rochester Hills, MI

Stretchable Holograms Switch Between Multiple Images

Metasurfaces on stretchable substrates can serve as reconfigurable optical devices

Optics for High Performance Laser Systems

MaGeoOptik project develops new processes for fused silica and diamond optics

Biomimicry with Artificial Structural Colors

New metamaterials for solar cells and chameleon-like adaptive camouflage

Wenglor Acquires 3D Specialist ShapeDrive

Sensor specialist to extend its 3D measuring technology expertise

Camera Collects Five Trillion Images per Second

Optical method to analyse explosions, chemical reactions and turbulent combustion

Infrared 3D Scanner: Fast and Accurate

Device with a resolution of one million pixels and real-time data processing enables numerous applications

Photonic Hypercrystals Control Light-Matter Interaction

New material for ultrafast LEDs, solar cells and single photon emitters

Opto Engineering Germany’s New CEO

Johannes Weil now in charge for OE of German and Austrian automation components business

Photoluminescent Display Converts Light Into Energy

Energy-harvesting laser phosphor display made of a luminescent solar concentrator

Zeiss Opens New Microscopy Customer Center

Experience correlative and advanced 3D microscopy

Diamond Nanostructure as a Unique Light Reflector

New material is a great candidate as a back reflector in solar cells

LIMO Celebrates 25th Anniversary

A quarter of a century of laser beam shaping made in Germany

X-Ray Microscope Resolves 50-nm Features

New optical system to overcome the chromatic aberration problem

EO Announces Equity Investment in ITOS

Edmund Optics’ investment in Germany provides local optical manufacturing capabilities

New Fiber Optic Probe for Diagnosis of Cancer

Compact handheld probe can be used for microscopic analysis of tissue

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