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New Kind of Volumetric Fluorescence Microscopy

3D imaging technology pushes the boundaries of living cells research

Laser Manufacturer Helping in the Fight against COVID-19

Increased demand from food & beverage and medical device industries boosts demand for Luxinar’s CO2 laser sources

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China Branches Under One Roof

SPI Lasers joins forces with parent company Trumpf to enhance customer service

A Temporal Supersymmetry

New approach to designing omnidirectional invisible materials

Rockley Photonics Appoints Andy Parker to the Board

Nomination follows Ahren’s recent investment in Rockley Photonics.

A New Quantum Radar Prototype

Instead of using conven­tional microwaves, the researchers entangle two groups of photons

Smart Glasses to Remotely Monitor COVID-19 Patients

UofL Trager Institute, emergency medicine and psychiatry are part of a feasibility study to test smart glasses in health care

Laser Loop Couples Quantum Systems

A novel method in which a laser loop connects the systems over a distance enables nearly lossless exchange of information.

Breakthrough in Free Space Optics Powered 5G

Aircision using groundbreaking laser technology developed by CERN and IPP Prague

Pure Red LEDs Fulfill a Primary Goal

First high-intensity, low-voltage red LEDs made from nitride semiconductors

Additive Manufacturing: LED Instead of Laser or Electron Beam

New technology to revolutionize 3D metal printing

New Material for Large OLEDs

The substance enables high light yields and would be inexpensive to produce on a large scale

Motion Control Specialist Turns 50

Aerotech – American garage startup with Hungarian roots

A Superelastochromic Crystal

The unique chromic system holds potential for realizing informative molecule-based mechanical sensing

Mass-Produced Microscopic Sensors Transmit Data from Living Tissue

Company OWiC Technologies to commercialize the microsensors

Better 3D Imaging of Living Cells

No damage caused by strong light, no artificial dyes or fluorescent tags needed

Observing a SARS-CoV-2 Infection Live with the “Coronascope”

Especially constructed iScat microscope installed in virological high-security lab

World’s First Super-Chiral Light

Laser opens up a new world of applications using optical control of physical objects.

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