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New LED for Deep Ultraviolet

UV-C LEDs for food preservation and counterfeit detection

Spectacles for X-Ray Lasers

New optical device to concentrate the beam of an X-ray laser stronger than ever before

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From Surplus Optics Sales to Innovative Global Optics Leader

Edmund Optics celebrates 75 years of successful impact to the world of optics

Metamaterial for Better Gas Detectors

New technology could replace infrared sensors used for gas leaks, agriculture and recycling

AWL-Techniek Strengthens Its Management 

Pieter-Mathijs Fegel added to the AWL management team as Chief Financial Officer

Optomechanical Cavity on a Disk

New device allows better control of interaction between light waves and mechanical waves

Founders of Next Scan Technology Receive EPIC Phoenix Award 2017

Lars Penning and Ronny De Loor honoreded for entrepreneurship in photonics

Holograms in a Metasurface

This advancement could be used for anti-fraud protection and entertainment

OLED Production Facility from a Single Source

German OLED Technology Alliance to develop materials and technologies needed for printed electronics and machine engineering

Gigahertz Optical Tuning on a Chip

New device could unlock the bandwidth bottleneck faced by wireless networks

Annual Meeting showed Photonics PPP had created a significant impact in its three years of operation

Holes Make Photodetectors Faster

The photodetector can convert data from optical to electronics at 20 gigabytes per second

Everlight Opens Smart Ergonomic Factory

New factory exclusively for automotive products commenced operations

Novel Lens for Super-Resolution Imaging

Supercritical lens microscope reaches an imaging resolution of 65 nanometres

PhabLabs 4.0 Adds the Power of Photonics to FabLabs

Workshops and Challenger Projects bring photonics within reach of youngsters and entrepreneurs

New Nanowire Photonic-Crystal Hybrid Laser

New photonic device allows high-speed signal modulation

Flexible in-Molded LED Foil Fabricated in R2R Process

Companies invited to create new products

High-Power Laser with Diamonds

The power of multiple laser beams is transferred into a single intense output beam

New Vice President at Toptica

Dr. Mathias Schindler welcomed as head of production & logistics

LIGO-Laser With Improved Stability

New laser technology enables more sensitive gravitational-wave detectors

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