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A Chip-Based Nonmechanical Beam Steerer

The new devices provide steering in two dimensions without relying on moving parts

Customized Laser Beams for Glass Processing

New applications for DOEs in the automotive industry

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Programming Light on a Chip

New approach for photonic quantum information processing and optical signal processing

Reinforced through the Winter

Vice president sales and product manager appointments to expand MVTec’s market position

Controlling Neurons with Light

Implantable optoelectronic device without batterie for turning off pain receptors

Ultrafast High-Power Multi-Channel Laser Driver for Lidar

Advancement in laser driver technology enables longer range and higher resolution lidar architectures

Polarization Switching for Excitonic Circuits

New method to control exciton flows at room temperature for energy-efficient devices

OPT Machine Vision Germany Founded

Global machine vision player establishes first European subsidiary, builds R&D center in Berlin

Perovskite Solar Cell Achieves 28% Efficiency

Technology leader’s solar cell exceeds highest ever performing single-junction silicon solar cell

3D-Printing Your Porsche

In the factory of the future, innovative production methods will bring major advantages that principally benefit customers

Twisting Light for Data Transmission

Tiny gears on computer chips generate a vortex of light that could boost optical computing

New Year – New Name

Teledyne Dalsa continuing as a business unit of Teledyne Digital Imaging, Inc.

Extreme Asymmetry in Metasurfaces

New devices can be good or bad reflectors depending on the angle the light hits them

Creaform Names New Vice President of Operations

Daniel Rivard to head operations at leading 3D measurement company

Strong Interactions Between Light and Sound

Strong-coupling regime between light and high-frequency acoustic vibrations demonstrated

Cisco Pays $660M for Luxtera

The acquisition will expand Cisco’s 100 GbE and 400 GbE portfolio

Hiding Images with a Plasmonic Sandwich

New technology for anti-counterfeiting security, infrared tagging or infrared camouflages

Customized Laser Beams for Glass Processing

New applications for DOEs in the automotive industry

Metamaterial Changes Color of Light

A strong bulk second-order nonlinear response emerges in a plasmonic nanorod composite

Axsun Technologies to be Acquired by Excelitas

Portfolio of high-performance photonics solutions serving the medical and industrial markets

A Nanolaser Shines in All Directions

Irregularities in the materials of the laser are responsible for the omnidirectional light emission

Trumpf Buys Philips’ Laser Diode Division

Biggest acquisition to date since acquisition of JFY in China in 2013

Photonic Chip with Three Components

New device combines quantum dots as single-photon sources, a beamsplitter and two single-photon detectors

Schneider-Kreuznach’s New Corporate Strategy

Optics specialist concentrating on industrial optics segment, has completely restructured in the last three years.

How to Improve Optical Tweezers

A powerful algorithm for microscopic force reconstruction retrieves the force field acting on a Brownian particle

A Pilot Production Line for Photonic Chips

Open-Innovation Potonics pilot for NWE – incubator of photonics multinationals of the future

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