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Optical microcavity to measure single-photon nonlinearity (Source: Univ- Leiden)

Manipulating Light With Quantum Dots

Important step towards light-based quantum technology

The performance of the superluminal medium formed by rod array sets was demonstrated on an example of a cloaking shell developed for microwave frequency range (Source: MTU)

Invisibility Cloak With Photonic Crystals

Photonic crystals are able to provide superluminal phase velocity of propagating waves

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Optical resolution is the ability of an imaging system to distinguish between closely spaced objects. The picture shows two points separated by the Rayleigh's limit, as observed in the experiment. (Source: M. Paúr / Palacký Univ.)

Exceeding the Rayleigh Limit

Experiment shows resolutions up to 17 times lower than Rayleigh’s limit

MVTec Software has appointed Torsten Wiesinger as new sales director (Source: MVTec)

Torsten Wiesinger to Head Global Sales at MVTec

Sales director with machine vision experience joins the team

Osram Licht’s headquarters, the “lighthouse” (Source: Osram)

New Head of Corporate Innovation

Thorsten Müller appointed Head of Innovation and Research at Osram

This image shows the polarization of light emitting from each of 180 cores of an optical fiber. (Source: U Rochester / M. Alonso)

Measuring Polarization Simultaneously

New approach to send more data through multicore optical fibers

For 100 years, The Optical Society has been honored to have amazing industry leaders in the field of optics and photonics serve as our president.

A Century of Innovation

The Optical Society celebrates with 100 legacies of optics technologies

The inner structure of the solar cell’s active layer after loss of solvent additive. (Source: C. Schaffer / TUM)

How Polymer Solar Cells Wear Out

X-ray analysis shows details of degradation of solar cells

Effective 1 October 2016, Member of the Executive Board and CFO of Zeiss, Thomas Spitzenpfeil, also assumed the role of CIO. (Source:Zeiss)

Zeiss Initiative: Digital Transformation

CFO Thomas Spitzenpfeil assumes additional role as CIO

Projection-type see-through holographic 3D display technology. (Source: NICT)

See-Through Holographic 3D-Display

New approach for head-up displays, smart-glasses and head-mounted displays

Professor Michael Grätzel has been selected as the winner of the 2017 edition of the Ahmed Zewail Prize in Molecular Sciences.

Michael Grätzel Wins Ahmed Zewail Prize

Outstanding contributions to the field of energy and electron transfer reactions awarded

Functional optoacoustic tomography (right) is able to provide high-resolution three-dimensional information regarding real-time neuronal activity (orange dots) in the entire scattering brain. (Source: HZM)

Watching the Brain in Action

Optoacoustic neuro-tomography shows 3D-images of neuronal processes

Forth Dimension Display’s binary phase only SLM demonstration system (Source: ForthDD)

ForthDD and LightTrans Collaborate on Phase Modulated SLMs

New capabilities in VirtualLab Fusion will encompass adding support for the high speed binary phase modulators

Members of the Femtosecond Spectroscopy Unit working on time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy to visualize electron movements. (Source: OIST)

View on Moving Electrons in Solar Cells

New insight shows a way for better and more efficient solar cells

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