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A Chip-Based Nonmechanical Beam Steerer

The new devices provide steering in two dimensions without relying on moving parts

First Quantum Dot Mode-Locked Laser Grown on Silicon

The new prototype shows a proven 4.1 terabit-per-second transmission capacity

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Smallest Pixels Ever Created for Color-Changing Buildings

Nanopixels are compatible with roll-to-roll fabrication on flexible plastic films

3.75-Million Funding for Smart Photonics

Funding strengthens the Dutch ecosystem for integrated photonics

All-Fiber Device Simplifies Quantum Key Distribution

Robust encoder switches polarization one billion times a second

Functional Thin-Film Structures for Integrated Radar Sensors

RadarGlass: Three partners are developing a technology for the integration of radar sensors in front headlamps

Light Dynamically Twists an Electron’s Wave Function

Ultrafast vortex electron beams can be used to encode and manipulate quantum information

Inspired by Nature

Project LAMpAS is working on the world record of fabrication throughput for the production of bioinspired surfaces

A Perfect Gain Medium for Lasers

Weyl semimetals could suppress Auger recombinations for new types of long-wavelength lasers

A Laser-Microfabricated Super Watch

Revolutionary 3D timepieces with FEMTOPRINT technology

New Lenses for Sharper Diffraction Images

A new and improved focusing system for electron diffraction measurements

New Managing Director for Mahr

Manuel Hüsken takes over at the metrology specialist from Ulrich Kaspar

Quantum Sensor for Photons

New kind of sensor measures light particles non-destructively

Active Silicon Expands in the UK

Opening of its new production and operations facility in Langley

Sculpting Super-Fast Light Pulses

A metasurface with nanopillars shapes light precisely for practical applications

Personnel Changes After IVAM Board Elections

Dominique Bouwes succeeds Dr. Thomas Kritzler as deputy chairperson of the IVAM Microtechnology Network board

PIXAPP Funding Initiative Supports Advanced Photonic Packaging

Closing date for submission of the pre-proposal application form is May 17th

3D-Printed Microscope for Medical Diagnostics

Inexpensive, robust and portable microscope provides high-resolution 3D images of cells

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