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A Pause Button for Light

A hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber filled with laser-cooled atoms might serve as single photon source

CCD Image Sensors Plays Key Role in COVID-19 Diagnostics

Teledyne technology drives microscopy research and diagnosis of Novel Coronavirus and other diseases

EPHJ 2020 CIOE'20 ZI Webinar


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New Depths in Infrared Nanospectroscopy

Findings push the technique further to quantitative chemometrics at the nanoscale in three dimensions

Robust Laser Technology for Climate Satellites

Merlin supposed to do lidar magic, measure atmospheric methane concentrations

An Ultra-Thin Terahertz Metalens

The new collimator made of a metasurface has an extremely high refractive index and low reflectance

EPIC’s New Innovation Manager

Antonio Raspa – illuminating the way to the engagement of the key photonics companies

2D Material for Single Photon Emitters

Emission properties can be adjusted simply by bending or straining the material at a specific location

Goodbye Absorbers

High-precision laser welding of plastics – project SeQuLas completed

Metalenses with Integrated Liquid Crystals

New combination achieves achromatic and chromatic focusing with a single metalens

New Managing Director of Evosys Service Subsidiary

Stephan Nickisch to lead future orientation of the subsidiary

New Way to Larger Perovskite Solar Cells

Solar cell modules of 21 cm² size reach a record power conversion efficiencies of 18.1 %

Being Faster in the Fight against Infectious Diseases

Jena research institutions sign cooperation agreement for new Leibniz Center

Vortex Beams Meet Scattering Media

A comprehensive analysis offers insights into the behavior of light carrying orbital angular momentum

Trumpf Wins Hermes Award 2020

International industry prize for open location standard product Omlox

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