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First All-Metamaterial Optical Gas Sensor

The device is ideal for the Internet of Things and smart home devices to detect changes in the environment

Nanowires Replace Newton’s Glass Prism

An ultraminiaturized device could image single cells without the need for a microscope

Webinar 10/10 AKL'20 Leica

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Dynamic Mapping of the Eye Surface

New non-invasive instrument images layers of the eye’s protective tear film with speed and precision

Characterizing Spherical, Aspherical, Free-form Lenses

Non-destructive tomographic OCT measuring method for geometrically complex micro-optics

Coin-Sized Infrared Spectrometer

New device makes use of special waveguides with an optical refractive index that can be adjusted externally via an electric field

Innovation and Production Center Inaugurated

GF invested CHF 100 M, space for around 450 work places

Metasurface with Helical Patterns

New device can control optical fields in three dimensions

Excellent Cuts since 25 Years

Eurolaser celebrates its company anniversary with in-house exhibition

Attosecond Pulses for a Quantum Metronome

A new measurement protocol translates the information about the electron phase into its spatial distribution by combining special laser pulses

National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory Launched

Major NSF astronomy initiative started 1 October 2019

Combining Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy

New technology will reveal the structures of molecules with increased detail and specificity

Hand-Held Microwave Imaging

Shrinking bulky imaging systems down to millimeter sized chip could be used to see through walls or detect tumors

Mynaric Relocates US Headquarters to Los Angeles

Uptick in interest in laser communication products has prompted move, expansion plans

New Framework for Nanoantenna Light Absorption

To overcome the diffraction limit, the reseachers coupled photonic crystals with a plasmonic nanoantenna

GE Additive Inaugurates New Facility

Lichtenfels, Bavaria, is part of continued investment in lean manufacturing sites

Living 3D Displays Recreated

A material system uses electromechanical actuation of twisted spiral artificial muscles

John D’Ambrosia Joins EPIC as Advisor

Support for EPIC’s mission to foster the vibrant photonics ecosystem, liaison to Ethernet community

New Metamaterials for Thermophotovoltaic Devices

Machine learning finds new metamaterial designs to enable devices that convert waste heat to electricity

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