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Metamaterial Improves IR-Sensors

New optical device could help detect drugs and explosives

Tunable Split-Disk Micro-Lasers

Whispering gallery mode resonators for lightsources with tunable wavelengths

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Modular Ultrashort Pulse Laser Technology

Non-contact micro processing with laser pulses kicks off the next round

Less Losses in Nanophotonic Devices

Hexagonal boron nitride for very small lasers and nanoscale optics

Prysmian to Acquire General Cable

$30.00 per share in cash – closing anticipated by third quarter 2018

Large-Scale Production of Photonic Chips

Collaboration between Fraunhofer Project Center, Lionix International, University of Twente an Phix Photonics

Light Passing Through a 2D-Waveguide Array

A 2D-experimental system allows to study materials that were theorized to exist only in 4D-space

Next Stage of OCT for Remote Laser Welding

Photonics research project targeting flexible, networked manufacturing

New President for Flir’s Government & Defense Business Unit

David Ray responsible for strategy, R&D, operations, business development, and marketing

Single Metalens Focuses White Light

Ground-breaking lens opens new possibilities in virtual and augmented reality

Corning Buys Most of 3M’s Communication Markets Division for $900 M

Strengthens global market reach and expands high-bandwidth portfolio

An Ultraviolet Laser for the Red Planet

LZH delivers UV laser for ExoMars 2020 rover to NASA

LETI Names New CEO

Technology and strategic business leader Emmanuel Sabonnadiere to guide Leti in digital era

Acquisition of Odos Imaging by Rockwell Automation

Leverage 3D time-of-flight technology for sensing and safety applications

Lensless Single-Exposure 3D-Imaging

Innovative computational imaging approach could advance applications from brain research to self-driving cars

O Thou Who by a Star Didst Guide

ESO Signs Contract for ELT Guide Star Laser Sources with Toptica / MPBC Guidestar Alliance

Micro-Spectrometer for Smartphones

New system consists of a photonic crystal cavity with an integrated quantum dot photodiode

Lakesight Appoints New Group CEO

Leading buy-and-build platform in the machine vision sector now run by Peter Tix

UV-Light for Rapid Data Transfer

A high-speed near-solar-blind communication link with a data rate of 71 Mbit/s was achieved

FutureAM – Next Generation Metal Additive Manufacturing

Cooperation platform strengthens German market position

Megapixel Image Sensor for Low Light

Technology enables highly sensitive and higher quality digital imaging even in low light situations

Strategic Collaboration of Trumpf with A3DM

Development of specialty metal powders and laser parameters

Single-Photon Detector Counts to 4

Multi-photon detection with superconductors indicating number resolution up to four photons

Groundbreaking Ceremony for GE Concept Laser 3D Campus

Expansion of activities for research, development, and production in Lichtenfels, Germany

New Microscope for Optogenetics

Innovative method provides more than 100 times larger field of view for studying brain activity

Alloys from the Laser Printer

Empa Research Award 2017: 3D laser melting process for aerospace applications

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